Your January-March 2021 Classes Have Arrived

By Cathy Niland | 11.17.2020

A new year means new opportunities to get creative. We’re heading into 2021 ready to welcome more students back to The Crucible—safely—for creative exploration and skill advancement.

For the first time since March, we are thrilled to be hosting classes in our Fire & Performance department. Students can register for one of three different courses happening this winter. We’re also continuing to expand our Ceramics department offerings with the new Ceramic Bowls class that covers techniques for pinch pots, coil building, and slab building.

Many of our community members have been eager to get back into the studio. We aren’t quite ready to open our doors fully, but we are moving forward with expanded lab offerings in ten of our departments, including Jewelry, Neon & Light, Ceramics, and Glass Flameworking. This will allow individuals with experience in our departments to book time in the studio for personal projects.

january march 2021 classes

We are continuing to monitor COVID-19 best practices and regulations and are prepared to make adjustments based on updated recommendations from local, state, and federal government. With rigorous cleaning practices in place, smaller class sizes, and social distancing guidelines, we are committed to keeping our students, staff, and faculty safe so all can continue to access the industrial arts.

If you’re ready to dive right in and find your next class, you can jump to all our January-March 2021 classes using the button below. Customize your search by department, level, time of day, and more.

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Check out our staff picks for January-March 2021 classes

Here are some class recommendations from Crucible staffers.

january march 2021 classes

Enamel Hearts (and all classes in our Enameling Department)

Recommended by Susan Mernit

Executive Director

“Enameling is my jam! I love learning to enamel, so while there are many classes I’d love to take someday, I have my eye on the January 2021 enameling classes.”

Spend the morning making an original heart-shaped pendant for your valentine, pet, or yourself—just in time for Valentine’s Day! Sweetly sentimental or post-apocalyptic, the end result is up to you. Cut your own individual heart shape in fine gauge copper, add texture and dimension, then apply powdered vitreous enamels and fire in the kiln to add color and vibrancy.

january march 2021 classes

Woodturning I

Recommended by Maliq Nathaniel

Lead Studio Manager

“I would definitely like to get into a Woodturning class next.” 

Use a lathe to turn a rough piece of wood into a beautifully shaped spindle-turned mallet and face-plate mounted bowl. You will learn the basics of the turning process and cover tool usage, sharpening, wood selection, preparation, and finishing.

PRO TIP: This is one of our most popular classes. Don’t miss your chance to learn woodturning—become a member today!

january march 2021 classes

3-Hour Taster: Ceramic Mug

Recommended by Melissa Gray

Senior Programs Manager

“I’m just really excited about our expanding ceramic offerings!” Melissa also wanted to highlight our Slip Casting with Plaster Molds running this December and Ceramic Bowls running in February.

Make a one-of-a-kind ceramic mug to enjoy your favorite warm beverage. Learn a variety of hand-building techniques in a single session during this fun, project-based class. Mugs are food-grade safe and great for yourself or as a gift.

january march 2021 classes

Spoon Carving By Hand

Recommended by Kristin Arzt

Leather, Textiles, and Fine Arts Department Head
Marketing & Communications Associate

“I’ve never taken Spoon Carving By Hand because it’s always full but I have always wanted to learn. Mike Bray is just fun to listen to and his own work is really cool.”

Topics covered include different types of wood, grain direction, carving, shaping, and food safe finishes. Through short demonstrations and lectures, we will use a combination of power and hand tools, exploring the material for its functionality as a creative medium.

january march 2021 classes

Elegant Stacking Rings

Recommended by Victoria Russell

Programs Coordinator

“I like the idea of leaving class with an item I can wear or gift. When I choose to wear jewelry, it’s always a piece with significant meaning. It’s also special because I made it myself!”

Learn basic soldering and metalworking techniques to make a set of stackable rings from sterling silver, copper, brass, and gold fill. You will leave with several stylish rings for yourself or to give as gifts.

january march 2021 classes

Fire Poi: Introduction

Recommended by Rebecca Scott

Development Manager

“I was thinking the 6pm class on Wednesdays would be fun because it will be dark out and a good winter activity to spin fire outside.”

Both a dance form and a style of juggling, poi spinning is an expressive performance art that uses weighted lines swung in circular patterns around the body. Using soft, practice poi, you will learn basic moves, such as butterflies, weaves, windmills, corkscrews, buzzsaws, and fountains. You will also be introduced to the concepts of plane theory, sequencing, and in-spin, and anti-spin rotation. On the last class, you will set your fire poi ablaze!

Note: It is recommended but not required to take Fire Safety before this class.

january march 2021 classes

Torch Fired Enameling

Recommended by Vanessa Zagaroli

Studio Supervisor

“I’ve done a bit of it before and it’s just a super beautiful process. I love the uncontrollable aspect of it, the end result is always kind of a surprise!”

Working on copper, you will learn the basics of how the enamel medium works and how to fuse using the torch. We will go over metal preparation, enamel application, and the special considerations of using a torch for fusing. You will leave with several completed projects, including a pair of earrings and a pendant.

january march 2021 classes

Metal Furniture Fabrication

Recommended by Natasha Von Kaenel

Director of Marketing and E-commerce

“A lot of folks think you need years and years of experience to weld anything functional—and while years of experience definitely help—this class does a great job of breaking down the basics and students walk away with functional, metal furniture that they designed themselves. That is priceless.”

Going beyond basic MIG welding, this course focuses on designing and fabricating functional and aesthetically interesting benches, coffee tables, flower stands, cabinets, wheeled furniture, shelves, coat racks, and just about any other piece of furniture you might like to fabricate. Projects will be evaluated for feasibility and cost, given the time frame.


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Some of our departments are not yet ready to reopen, so please bear with us as we continue to adapt our studio. As always, you can register to be notified when your class becomes available using our Notify Me Form.

Check out our January-March 2021 youth classes

Students ages 8-18 can choose from a number of weekend and afternoon classes in the new year, including offerings in Welding, Blacksmithing, Ceramics, and more.

Our top priority is keeping everyone safe.

Before you register, don’t forget to review our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines, including outlines for mask and clothing requirements, sanitizing policies, and health checks upon arrival.

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