Group Team Building Workshops

Team Building Workshops are for corporate, nonprofit, and private groups of friends, co-workers, or colleagues. These fun, hands-on workshops are a great bonding experience that boosts morale, lowers stress, and stimulates creative thinking, while teaching techniques in welding, glass fusing, flameworking, blacksmithing, woodturning, and more. Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to over 150 people.

Due to COVID-19, private workshops are offered with strict health and safety policies in place. 


Team Building Workshops & Projects

Each team member creates an individual project within a group setting, pricing starts at $950.

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Collaborate together to fabricate your logo, team name or an image of your choice in glass, metal, and more!

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2-4 Hour Team Building Workshops

In these 2-, 3-, or 4-hour workshops, each team member will learn new skills, while completing a small individual project to take back to the office! Larger groups are encouraged to mix-and-match workshop options to accommodate their size. Multiple, simultaneous workshops can be scheduled on a single day.

Due to COVID-19, larger groups will be split up into groups of 4-6 people in each art area in order to ensure social distancing. 

$65 per hour/per person
Additional fees range from $150-$500, depending on materials and assembly

Activities To Choose From


Heat, twist, and forge red hot metal into a bottle opener (2-hours) or ornamental steel hook (3-hours). You and your team can forge it all in our smithy, home to our Blacksmithing Department.

Clay Sculpture

Work with clay in our Ceramics Department. In this workshop, each team member will hand build a small clay sculpture (3-hour) or decorative bowl (4-hour), then add texture and glaze to make your piece pop.

Glass Flameworking

In our Glass Flameworking studio, each team member will learn to heat borosilicate glass with a torch, then shape molten glass into a small finished project. Students create beautiful and interesting pieces including pendants, marbles, small sculptures, and more.

Glass Fusing

Learn to cut and shape sheet glass, then fuse the pieces together into a colorful mosaic tile of your design. Our Glass Fusing & Slumping Department teaches you to combine colors, paint on glass, and incorporate recycled materials to create beautiful projects.

Glass Sandblasting

What is more unique than your own custom office cup? Sandblast frosted imagery onto a variety of provided glassware using self-designed or pre-designed stencils in our Glass Casting & Coldworking Department.

Leather Card Wallet

Learn to cut, pierce, fold, stitch, and stain leather while making a convenient and practical card wallet. This workshop teaches students all of the basics of leatherworking and more in our Leather, Textiles, & Fine Art Department.

Metal Clay

Work with the magical material metal clay, perfecting rolling, texture, and carving techniques to create a copper miniature (3-hour) or pendant (4-hour). Our Jewelry Department will kiln fire each piece, then finish and polish your beautiful fine metal creations.


Anneal, cut, drill, and texture copper or bronze to create your own pendant, key chain, zipper pull, or cardholder. Enter a world of fire and possibilities in our Jewelry Department.

MIG Welding & Plasma Cutting

Plasma cut steel into unique shapes, then learn to MIG (Metal Inert Gas) weld them into a personalized votive candle box. MIG welding is a great option for first-time welders in our Welding Department.

TIG Welding

Create a small abstract sculpture of your own design by TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding together stainless steel sheet, nuts, and bolts in our Welding Department. TIG is the type of welding commonly used for delicate work and non-ferrous metals.

Wood Carving

Create a small wooden object through carving, texturing, cutting, smoothing, gluing, drilling, and painting. This workshop will teach you all of the basics and more in our Woodworking Department.

Make Your Logo Together

Want something to show off back at the office? More complex projects are possible with a collaborative team effort focused on a single work of art.

$75 per hour/per person
Additional fees range from $150-$500, depending on materials and assembly

Glass Fused Mosaic

Most popular option for making your logo pop! Cut, shape, and color coordinate art sheet glass into a collective mosaic that represents a logo or graphic of your choice. Mid-sized teams can also create a steel frame for the mosaic tile.

2-, 3-, or 4- Hour Workshop
5 person min / 12 person max

Team Building Workshop FAQs

What are team building workshops?

Team building workshops include activities that encourage collaboration and teamwork, while having fun and getting creative together. Team builds boosts morale and strengthens partnerships among coworkers.

Who are these team building workshops for?

Team Building Workshops are for corporate, nonprofit, and private groups of friends, co-workers, or colleagues.

How many people do we need for a team building workshop?

Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to over 150 people.

What does our team learn in the workshop?

It is entirely up to you! At The Crucible, we offer 21 different workshops in 14 departments, allowing large groups to split up based on their individual interests and dive into things like Ceramics, Blacksmithing, and Fire & Performance.

What are the benefits of a team building workshop?

Group workshops encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and exploration. Holding an offsite for your company is a fast and fun way to encourage creative problem solving, boost employee morale and improve communication.

What are some good virtual team building activities?

From virtual happy hours to scavenger hunts, there are more options when it comes to bringing your team together online than ever before. You can also get creative as a team by taking an online art workshop or cooking class.


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