Group Team Building Workshops

Team Building Workshops are for corporate, nonprofit, and private groups of friends, co-workers, or colleagues. These fun, hands-on workshops are a great bonding experience that boosts morale, lowers stress, and stimulates creative thinking.

Group workshops encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and exploration while teaching techniques in welding, glass fusing, flameworking, blacksmithing, woodturning, and more. Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to over 150 people.

Please note that due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, all private workshops are conducted with strict health and safety policies in place for participants, faculty, and staff. 


Team Building Workshops & Projects

Each team member creates an individual project within a group setting, pricing starts at $950.

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Collaborate together to fabricate your logo, team name or an image of your choice in glass, metal, and more!

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What Bay Area Teams are Saying

We were all excited about coming to The Crucible, doing something hands-on together, and having something tangible at the end of the day. I saw everyone have their imaginations unlocked. It was so nice to see our crew open up to that.

Helen, Slack

It was awesome building something physical instead of virtual for a change. The instructor was fantastic — super excited about everything and happy to explain and provide feedback as we worked. Y’all are doing amazing work!


The instructor gave us just the right amount of instruction and leeway to be creative. I had no idea what to expect and ended up having such a great time!

David, Uber

I was on the event coordinating team and got very positive feedback from my colleagues on their experience. It was a great event and allowed everyone, no matter their experience, an opportunity to create. It was awesome!

Atlaf, Genentech

Our instructor was super patient and he stayed late to help our people finish their projects. He clearly loves teaching and loves the art itself, and it helped ensure a great experience for me and my team. We’ll definitely be back.

Clair, Everlaw

It’s been the most highly rated offsite we have done to date. When I started asking folks what they would like to do next year, a common answer was ‘go back to The Crucible and try something different.’

Mike, Dolby

2-4 Hour Team Building Workshops

In these 2-, 3-, or 4-hour workshops, each team member will learn new skills, while completing a small individual project to take back to the office! Larger groups are encouraged to mix-and-match workshop options to accommodate their size. Multiple, simultaneous workshops can be scheduled on a single day.

Due to COVID-19, the minimum number of participants in the below workshops is four and the maximum is 6, except for Glass Flameworking where the minimum is 4. Larger groups can split up into multiple areas, but social distancing between pods is required. 

$65 per hour/per person
Additional fees range from $150-$500, depending on materials and assembly

Make Your Logo Together

Want something to show off back at the office? More complex projects are possible with a collaborative team effort focused on a single work of art. These options are the same price as the 2-4 Hour Workshops, plus some additional assembly fees based on project size.

Glass Fused Mosaic

Most popular option for making your logo pop! Cut, shape, and color coordinate art sheet glass into a collective mosaic that represents a logo or graphic of your choice. Mid-sized teams can also create a steel frame for the mosaic tile.

2-, 3-, or 4- Hour Workshop
5 person min / 12 person max

Multi-Department Tile Project

Each team member creates a tile in ceramics, MIG welding/plasma cutting, foundry, metalsmithing, wood carving, fused glass, resin casting, or sandblasted glass. The tiles are wired together and hung from a rod, which may be decorated with oxy-acetylene cut letters or patterns.

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Part of the group makes medieval-style clothes hooks in blacksmithing, which are welded to a bar topped with oxy-acetylene cut steel letters or imagery. The wall mounted coat rack can be completed in three hours.

Team Building Workshop FAQs

Who are these team building workshops for?

Team Building Workshops are for corporate, nonprofit, and private groups of friends, co-workers, or colleagues.

How many people do we need for a team building workshop?

Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to over 150 people.

What does our team learn in the workshop?

It is entirely up to you! At The Crucible, we offer 21 different workshops in 14 departments, allowing large groups to split up based on their individual interests and dive into things like Ceramics, Blacksmithing, and Fire & Performance.

What are the benefits of a team building workshop?

Group workshops encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and exploration. Holding an offsite for your company is a fast and fun way to encourage creative problem solving, boost employee morale and improve communication.