Group Team Building Workshops

Team Build Workshops are for corporate, nonprofit, and private groups of friends, co-workers, or colleagues. These fun, hands-on workshops are a great bonding experience that boosts morale, lowers stress, and stimulates creative thinking. Participants can learn new skills in jewelry, glass blowing, leather working, woodturning, and more. Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to 150 people.

The Crucible is a nonprofit dedicated to making the fine and industrial arts accessible for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Your financial support through our Team Build program helps fund our Creative Economy Pathway Program for youth and young adults.

What kind of Team Build are you looking for?

Crucible Team Builds are priced per person and include a $15 materials fee. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.

Each team member makes their own project to take home or display in their workspace. The larger the group, the more areas teammates will have to choose from. Prices vary per workshop.

Work together to create a team project! Render your company logo or another image of your choosing in glass, or create a hanging “quilt” of ceramic, enamel, and metal tiles.

Two- and Three-Hour Team Build Workshops

In two- and three-hour workshops, each team member will learn new industrial art skills while completing a personal project. The larger the group, the more areas your team can explore. Multiple, simultaneous workshops can be scheduled within a single booking. We ask that you book your Two- or Three-Hour Team Build at least two weeks in advance.

Some of the benefits of two- and three-hour team builds:

  • improve creative problem-solving skills
  • blow off steam
  • bond with coworkers
  • help employees find new hobbies

2-Hour Offerings

Copper Enameled Tile

Fuse complex multi-layered designs of transparent and opaque glass powders onto a copper tile.

Up to 8 people

Ceramic Painted Tile

Using colorful underglaze, paint your very own design on a 6″ x 6″ ceramic tile to be used as a trivet or home decor.

Up to 15 people

Etched Glass Tumbler

Sandblast frosty images onto glass using self-designed and hand-cut stencils to create personalized drinkware.

Up to 8 people

Leather Key Ring Bag Tag

Learn to cut, stamp, and stain leather while making a travel bag tag or leather key ring.

Up to 10 people

Aluminum Cast Tile

Carve a design of your choice into a compressed sand mold, and then watch as molten aluminum is poured into it, creating a positive design in metal that’s unique to you.

Up to 6 people

Hojalata: Mexican Tin Wall Art

Put your spin on this traditional Mexican art form when you create a one-of-a-kind aluminum medallion featuring texture and bold color.

Up to 12 people

3-Hour Offerings

Stacking Rings

Learn basic soldering and metalworking techniques to make a set of stackable rings from sterling silver, copper, brass, and gold fill. You will leave with several stylish rings for yourself or to give as gifts.

Up to 10 people

Forged Hook

Heat, twist, and forge red hot metal into an ornamental steel hook. You and your team can forge your own unique hook all in our smithy, home to our Blacksmithing Department.

Up to 8 people

Flameworked Glass Miniatures

Each team member will learn to heat borosilicate glass with a torch, then shape molten glass into small finished projects, including pendants, marbles, small sculptures, and more.

Up to 9 people

Hot Glass Sculpture

In this glassblowing workshop, participants will gather glass from the furnace, apply colors, and shape and sculpt molten glass into your choice of a paperweight, small cup, or small double-walled bowl. Please be prepared to work in the heat.

Up to 6 people

Glass Fused Tile

Learn to cut and shape sheet glass, then fuse the pieces together into a colorful mosaic tile of your design.

Up to 10 people

Wood-turned Bottle Stopper

Learn to operate a woodturning lathe and create your own unique bottle stopper.

Up to 6 people

Leather Belt

Learn and utilize techniques in leather working, including cutting, edging, dyeing, and rivet setting to craft a belt of your own design and pattern.

Up to 10 people

Ceramic Mug

Using a template, learn to cut, score, slip, texture, and add color to your clay to create your very own ceramic mug, perfect for coffee at the office.

Up to 8 people

Leather Journal

Cut, fold, and sew a 6″x9″ personal bullet journal, then make it your own by adding texture, color, and shine.

Up to 10 people

Shibori Indigo Dyeing

Using natural Indigo and different resisting techniques, create a personalized Furoshiki.

Up to 11 people

Decorative Copper Cuff

Learn to anneal, add texture, and form your very own one-of-a-kind copper cuff.

Up to 10 people

Collaborative Team Build Workshops

Groups can work together on a collaborative project to be showcased back at your office or community space. Members of your team will work in glass, ceramic, wood, or enamel to create pieces for a larger project. ]

Collaborative team-building projects can be customized to include a special frame. A minimum $150 design fee will be added to each Collaborative Team Build package. We ask that you schedule your Collaborative Team Build atleast three weeks in advance.

Some of the benefits of collaborative team builds:

  • improve and strengthen communication
  • build strategies for collaborative problem solving
  • build deeper bonds with coworkers and teammates

One of our most popular team-building options! Each participant will learn to cut, shape, and apply colored glass to a single tile representing a portion of the final design. Once finished, the tiles will be kiln fired and joined together to create a mosaic that represents the logo or graphic of your choosing.

6-18 people

Please note: Designs must be received a minimum of one week prior to your workshop date. Some designs may need to be simplified. Design fees apply.

In this interdisciplinary workshop, each participant can create their own tile in ceramic, enamel, or metal. When completed, each piece will be displayed as part of a quilt that highlights the creativity of each team member. This is a great option for larger teams.

Design fees apply.

15-30 people

Team Building Workshop FAQs

Team Building Workshops give coworkers and other groups the opportunity to strengthen relationships through shared creative activities and collaborative projects.

Team Building Workshops are for corporate, nonprofit, and private groups of friends, co-workers, or colleagues.

Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to over 150 people.

It is entirely up to you! We offer lots of different workshops in multiple departments, allowing large groups to explore more than one medium. Check out our full compliment of offerings above.

Group workshops encourage collaboration and exploration. Holding an offsite for your company is a fast and fun way to encourage creative problem-solving, boost employee morale and improve communication.

These Teams Are Stronger After Coming To The Crucible:

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