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The Crucible stands out as truly the ONLY organization locally that can give young people the transformative experience of picking up a torch, blowing glass, and pouring bronze — experiences that are critical when illuminated screens hold too many of us in sway. Your generous gift ensures that youth from Oakland, Richmond, Fremont, and so many rapidly-changing communities throughout the Bay Area, have a chance to experience the power of hands-on creative work. If you want to spur positive change in this world, support a space where makers, learners, and creators of every age, background, and economic class come together to build, create, and collaborate. Your support is critical to funding our youth programs for 2019 — programs that serve more than 5,000 youth every year.

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Jordan Hopkins always knew she wanted to be a doctor, but when her math teacher shared an opportunity to learn about engineering and hands-on STEM concepts at The Crucible, she was intrigued. Jordan enrolled in both TIG and ARC welding, taking advantage of The Crucible’s scholarship program to waive her tuition fees. Jordan thought welding could increase her hand skills, but she was surprised at how much it also built her confidence.

“You can make anything out of metal. And that makes me feel empowered. Like, if I have the power and the ability to make this thing, I can make anything,” Jordan said.

Becoming a welder gave Jordan confidence to become a leader.

This past summer, Jordan was part of Fuego, The Crucible’s Youth Leadership Program for 15-18 year olds. In Fuego, Jordan worked as a teaching assistant, helping other young people learn to strike an arc and use an oxy-acetylene torch to cut and shape steel. Now, Jordan is back at school, getting straight-A’s and applying the problem-solving and leadership skills she learned in the Welding Department to her studies at Emiliano Zapata Street Academy. But she will return to The Crucible next summer to learn more, teach more, and build her grandmother the bookshelf of her dreams.



Donors like you make the following possible each year:


Serve 80% of youth FREE OF CHARGE

Award more than $100,000 in youth scholarships 


Provide inspiring educational experiences to over 5,500 young people

Invest in the makers of tomorrow with 15 paid leadership and workforce development positions


Offer free field trips for over 1,300 youth

Offer free bike repair to over 200 youth during drop-in hours


Partner with over 40 Bay Area Schools to provide field trips, workshops, hands-on presentations, and studio tours

Provide affordable rental studios for 30 working artists


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Looking for other ways to support The Crucible? There are a number of ways you can participate in supporting the active, creative community of The Crucible from volunteering your time, donating your old car, signing up for employer matching gifts, and more!


Thank you for being a part of The Crucible’s vibrant community of artists, makers, and innovators.