by Kristin Arzt


The most ingenious minds and inventors will gather this weekend at Maker Faire! With hundreds of demonstrations and hands-on activities to choose from at Maker Faire, we selected a few Makers that you cannot miss.

Our (Recommended) To-do List:

  • Go for a ride on The Clock Ship Tere, a marvel of mechanical engineering driven by a 10 foot hubless front wheel. Its steel mast reaches 33’ into the air, and spews sails of fire.
  • Climb inside the world’s smallest robotic house, designed and fabricated by Pro Metals.
  • Create your own Cranky Contraption moving sculpture with The Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio.
  • Alter computer code to create animations and colors on BioLuminOids’ interactive light and sound artworks fabricated from glass, resin, and molds taken of plants and other natural elements.
  • Make your own greensand mold and fill it with molten metal with Kinetic Steam Works.
  • Turn cranks to control the movements of Mechateuthis, a mechanical giant squid powered by electric motors. Watch the squid sculpture’s arms, tentacles, beak, and eyes move at your control!
  • Hear Maker Faire speakers Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino project, and Mythbuster Adam Savage.

The Crucible Blacksmithing department demonstrating at Maker Faire 2017

And of course, The Crucible!

Aside from hauling our Smithy down to Maker Faire for Blacksmithing demonstrations, we will have a plethora of hands-on activities, so you can get a taste of the joy that comes with making something with your hands! Glaze your own raku fired ceramic piece, stamp a unique pendant with our Jewelry department, and more! We will also be handing out Maker Faire-exclusive coupons for $20 off your next Crucible class. 

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