For 11 Years, She Has Welcomed In The Neighborhood


An Oakland native, living just blocks from The Crucible, Ledora Hightower has directly facilitated scholarships for our neighborhood youth, adults, local seniors, and more.

For 11 Years, She Has Welcomed In The Neighborhood2019-06-21T16:11:03-07:00

Homemade At The Crucible: From 3D Printers to Cheesecakes


From setting up 3D printers, to baking the entire Crucible staff cheesecake, Aaron stays busy volunteering at The Crucible! We sat down with him to talk about how The Crucible has supported his own creative pursuits, and to coax him into sharing his cheesecake recipe.

Homemade At The Crucible: From 3D Printers to Cheesecakes2019-06-18T10:50:06-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Rikki Smeltzer


We sat down with Rikki to learn about his Native American roots and how he became the co-head of our Jewelry Department after living in Oklahoma, working as a chef, and studying cartography. 

I Am The Crucible: Rikki Smeltzer2019-06-21T16:19:31-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Elizabeth Holthe


Affectionately known as our “Studio Mom,” Elizabeth Holthe is one of our invaluable volunteers. We sat down with Elizabeth to learn about her search for a creative community, which is exactly what she has found here, and more.

I Am The Crucible: Elizabeth Holthe2019-06-21T16:41:16-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Camille MacRae


Proudly sporting her prescription safety glasses at all times, Camille prides herself as a role model for safe shop practices. We sat down with her and her cat Rex to learn about her artwork and the collaborative community she found here.

I Am The Crucible: Camille MacRae2019-06-21T16:40:14-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Marc Macdonald


Marc Macdonald has always been a fixer of the vehicles that keep us moving, from boats to cars to bikes. After retiring from the Coast Guard, Marc came to The Crucible to volunteer in our Bike Shop in 2014.

I Am The Crucible: Marc Macdonald2019-06-21T16:34:33-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Sheri Jurnecka


Sheri Jurnecka worked her way up at The Crucible, starting as a student, then volunteering for nine years before joining our Faculty last year. She is an expert corset maker, jewelry designer, and Jewelry and Enameling instructor. We sat down with Sheri to learn more about her time here and her unending passion for the possibilities of color.

I Am The Crucible: Sheri Jurnecka2019-06-18T13:26:56-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Ralph McCaskey


Ralph McCaskey's passion for Glass Flameworking is infectious. We sat down with Ralph to catch some of his Flameworking enthusiasm and find out more about his original creations, ranging from bead blunders to finding his inner monster.

I Am The Crucible: Ralph McCaskey2020-10-21T14:00:17-07:00

I Am The Crucible: Alexis Pavlantos


Alexis Pavlantos started teaching Jewelry and Foundry classes at The Crucible five years ago. Her own jewelry and sculptural work is inspired by creatures with as many legs from four to one thousand and objects in their natural raw state. We are so excited to have Alexis vending at GIFTY 2017 for the fourth year in a row.

I Am The Crucible: Alexis Pavlantos2019-06-21T13:45:26-07:00

I Am The Crucible: LR Altman


LR Altman joined The Crucible’s CREATE Program in 2014. Through the CREATE Program, LR has access to the tools, equipment, and studio space to create sculptures and find a community of fellow artists.

I Am The Crucible: LR Altman2019-06-21T13:37:13-07:00
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