by Kristin Arzt

Affectionately known as our “Studio Mom,” Elizabeth Holthe is one of our invaluable volunteers. If you are lucky enough to have class on a Sunday, you may hear her infectious laugh before you even see her working in our tool room. We sat down with Elizabeth to learn about her search for a creative community, which is exactly what she has found here, and more.

What first attracted you to The Crucible?

I first started volunteering here in October 2016. I realized that I would like a creative partner – an artist or a musician. And then I started thinking, I should just do those things. I started making a conscious effort to bring more creative elements into my daily life by playing the ukulele and blacksmithing here at The Crucible. For myself, coming here was that missing piece in my everyday life.

What is your favorite part about volunteering at The Crucible?

My favorite part is talking to everyone that comes in and out. When I talk to the students on their way out of class, I just see their faces light up. They’re so proud of what they made, and I’m so excited for them! There are a lot of people working in the tech industry that take classes here, and I love how everything about them changes when they’re showing me their art. They loosen up, their face softens, and they’re filled with pride at this creative endeavor. I also love the kids in the neighborhood who stop in on the weekends asking for help with their bikes. It is nice to be known by the community that this is a welcoming place with an open door policy.

And you are supporting the community so much by donating your time here.

I like to think so. I just love being around the artists here and supporting them in whatever way I can. Sometimes it’s just through talking and being the “Studio Mom.” I am everybody’s mom! It is also nice to volunteer at events – Fire and Light and Hot Couture – and meet the donors. While they may not be able to volunteer hours or studio time, they are donating financially, and that is vastly important in order to keep The Crucible running. We’re a team.

What is one word you would use to describe The Crucible?

Transformative. Quite literally, you are taking raw materials and transforming them, but there is also that same transformation happening when you see something that you have made. There is a such a sense of pride that goes with that. 

Anything you want to add?

The best form of a compliment is telling your friend about what you do here at The Crucible. If you are taking a class here, encourage a friend to take that class with you! If you are reading this blog, share it! There are not a lot of places like this. Cherish it.

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