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Starting in September, The Crucible will pilot subsidized hands-on classes to help fill gaps in school remote instruction

By Natasha von Kaenel | 8.19.2020

Complete remote learning is having an adverse impact on the socio-emotional and academic development of our young people, and particularly families with limited financial resources, who cannot afford the high cost of in-person tutors or other supplements to their child’s education. With that in mind, The Crucible is expanding our offerings of in-person, hands-on classes for young people ages 8-18 this fall so that all parents—regardless of income—can have supplemental, enhanced learning experiences for their youth. 

87 spots are set aside in the fall pilot for OUSD students, with priority for Title One School attendees

During September and October, The Crucible will operate a pilot program of three weeks of day-time, small group classes—much like our successful 2020 Youth Summer Camps—so that all young people can have access to quality, hands-on instruction and creative learning regardless of their family’s income. There will be spots for over 80 youth ages 8-18 to participate in hands-on classes that both build STEAM and STEM technical skills, build self confidence, and support in-person learning through small group instruction.

“We know that hands-on art education opportunities help young people build self-esteem, improve academic performance, and develop new ways of problem-solving. And with Oakland schools going to fully remote learning this fall, the need for young people to engage in hands-on making and learning has only become more critical. I am excited that The Crucible is able to offer this unique pilot of subsidized day-time classes to support young people’s social and emotional learning and develop their STEM and STEAM skills through art practice.”

-Annie Campbell Washington, Crucible Board Member and Interim Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Programs & Dean of Students at University of California, Berkeley

New Health and Safety Policies in the classroom

During our 2020 Youth Summer Camps, The Crucible staff and faculty showed that we could successfully adapt our classes with new health, cleaning, and safety procedures in place—including temperature checks, individually prepared material bags, physical distancing, and mask wearing enforced at all times. The Crucible will continue to follow best practices and stay in accordance with the, most up-to-date orders defined by the county department of health, under the guidance of the state.

This program is intended as a pilot. The remaining half of spots in these day-time youth classes are currently for sale for parents who can cover the costs of providing their youth with day-time arts education curriculum. In October, The Crucible team will reflect and fine-tune, with the goal of continuing to offer an expanded subsidized youth programming into 2021.

The Crucible remains dedicated to our mission of inspiring creative exploration and expression through welcoming, hands-on arts education and experiences for people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Ensuring access to hands-on learning and arts education has never been more important. You can learn more about The Crucible’s Youth Programs on our website and support our efforts to keep the industrial arts accessible to everyone at

Priority for Oakland youth of color and youth from low-income families

Youth, ages 8-18, who attend Title One and/or an Oakland Unified School District school are encouraged to apply for a scholarship spot in these three-day, youth classes, which run from 12-5pm. With availability in welding, woodworking, ceramics, and more—we ask that youth review upcoming class offerings and indicate their class preference in the application.

All students who are accepted into the program must still pay a portion of material costs to ensure buy-in and encourage attendance.

Help Spread The Word

Many of the normal ways students learn about our youth programs have been impacted by COVID-19. Help us get the word out about this new opportunity for young people to get hands-on this fall! You can share this post or download our press release for distribution and help us fill this pilot program and continue providing valuable, transformative arts education for Oakland’s youth.

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