Soldering Electronics For The First Time Is #Badass And So Is Jada Works

By Cathy Niland | 12.20.19

When 13-year-old Jada Works was thinking about her 2019 summer plans, her mom suggested she sign up for her first-ever Crucible class. What started as a plan to take one week-long class turned into a summer-long adventure. Jada took seven week-long classes, soldering electronics, fabricating jewelry, flameworking glass creatures, crafting leather bags, and welding sculpture—all for the very first time.

Being creative has always been important to Jada, but being at The Crucible opened her eyes to what she could do with the right kind of support.

“There is a difference between school and The Crucible. At The Crucible, teachers actually ask if you need help, then walk you through what you need. I’ve always had a problem asking questions. I felt like I shouldn’t ask. But people don’t judge your questions here, and they have the answers.”

jada works is badass

Jada Works dreams of starting her own company and selling the art she makes to a wider audience. That’s badass. Even more badass is helping make it possible—support the next generation of badass artists. #BeABadass and donate to The Crucible before the year ends.

#BeABadass—Support The Crucible Before The Year Ends

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