Be A Badass

Support The Crucible Before The Year Ends

Support The Industrial Arts

Making the decision to pick up a hammer and forge an ornamental iron railing, to learn to solder electronics for the first time, to weld a kinetic bike sculpture—is badass. But even more badass is making the decision to support the next generation of badass artists.

For many young people, The Crucible is where they realize they are creative. They are an artist. With a torch in hand, the mental blocks around creative thinking disappear. We need you to step up and #BeABadass and make their future artistic journeys possible.

“The Crucible taught me to push forward, even when I might feel uncomfortable. I had teachers who were so badass and strong, that I was inspired to get my hands dirty.”

–Jazzy Schwinges-Williams, Fuego Youth Leader & Pre-Apprentice, Current Welding Instructor

Your Support in 2019 Meant


Gifted over $150,000 in youth and adult scholarships to explore the fine and industrial arts

 60% of the youth who engaged with us last year did so completely free of charge
Offered free field trips to over 800 youth enrolled in Oakland public and Title 1 schools
Expanded Fuego Program to four weeks, doubling the amount of mentorship, leadership development, and art skills training
Provided free bike repair to over 250 youth during drop-in hours