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By Cathy Niland | 5.4.2022

No matter how old we get, there is always something magical about summer. And what better way to tap into the youthful spirit of the season than by learning something new?! Our full complement of July-September classes just opened for early Member Registration. That means you can now save your seat in popular classes like Blacksmithing I, Woodturning I, Ceramics I, and many more.

Our Glass Flameworking Department is also scheduled to return this summer with a newly upgraded studio, including new ventilation and an updated seating plan designed to better serve the students. To celebrate, the department is offering a suite of classes for all experience levels including Glass Beads I, Beginning Marbles, and Hollow Vessels. Check out all the upcoming offerings below.

Guide april-june 2022

If you’re still not a member, now is the time to tap into those exclusive benefits. Not only will you get first dibs on registration, but you will also get 10% off class tuition, discounts on Crucible merch, and invites to exclusive events. Public registration opens Tuesday, May 10, but many classes are filling fast. Don’t miss your chance to take your dream class—become a Crucible member today and start cashing in on those exclusive perks.

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Department Highlight: Glass Flameworking

Get ready to explore the new and improved Glass Flameworking Department in one of these upcoming classes.

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Flameworking I

Learn how to use tools and equipment like an oxy-propane torch to melt and shape glass while covering techniques like color pulling and applying, color pattern application, and marble making.

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Flameworking II

Expand on the fundamentals and investigate the intricacies of borosilicate glass flameworking in more involved projects and contemporary designs. You will also learn to use glass tubing to make blown glass perfume bottles and vessels.

PREREQUISITE: Glass Flameworking I

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Beads I

This class teaches you how to make a variety of bead shapes, introduces tools to form and alter surface patterns, and shows you how to make stringers and twistees.

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Dragons

Develop your sculptural skills on an oxy-propane torch transforming borosilicate glass. Using the dragon’s own breath—fire—you will make wild and wonderful dragons of all colors and styles.

PREREQUISITE: Glass Flameworking I

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Hearts

Make unique glass hearts in a variety of colors. Using an oxy-propane torch, students will shape glass into pendants and light catchers, while adding decorative elements like wings, if desired!

PREREQUISITE: Glass Flameworking I

Guide july-september 2022

Adventures In Soft Glass: Finding Your Inner Monster

Extend your glass experience by learning techniques in creating open hollow forms with Monster expert, Ralph McCaskey. The class focuses on eyes and also covers embellishment techniques like feathers and electroforming.

PREREQUISITE: Glass Beads I or Glass Flameworking I

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Flameworking Lab – 1 Day

Practice the skills you learn in class and explore new possibilities with your craft. No instruction is provided during lab sessions, but a lab monitor will be present to answer questions, manage safety, and provide overall support.

PREREQUISITE: Glass Beads I or Glass Flameworking I and a Crucible Membership

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Flameworking Lab

Practice the skills you learn in class and explore new possibilities with your craft. No instruction is provided during lab sessions, but a lab monitor will be present to answer questions, manage safety, and provide overall support.

PREREQUISITE: Glass Beads I or Glass Flameworking I and a Crucible Membership

Guide july-september 2022

Glass Sea Creatures

Explore the underwater world of sea creatures with borosilicate glass. Using an oxy-propane torch, students will sculpt octopus, shells, fish, and starfish!

PREREQUISITE: Glass Flameworking I

Guide july-september 2022

Hollow Vessels

You will learn proper techniques for shaping and creating a stable vessel structure, as well as how to use the tools necessary to create vessels of your own design.

PREREQUISITE: Glass Flameworking I

Guide july-september 2022

Beginning Marbles

After a basic introduction to melting and shaping borosilicate glass, you will complete several marble designs, including the clear gravity marble, the outside twist, the ribbon, or the eyeball. Techniques include hold and cold seals, color pulling, and color application.


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Don’t Miss These July-September Rare And Popular Classes

Seats are already filling so don’t wait to register!

Guide july-september 2022

Metal Clay Pendants and Earrings

Create pendants, earrings, and wearable sculptures from copper and silver metal clay, practicing and perfecting a variety of rolling, texture, applique, and carving techniques. Kiln fire each piece, then finish and polish your beautiful fine metal creations.

Guide july-september 2022

Re-Enameled Camping Ware

In this 4-hour class, students will use enamels in liquid form to make what is a normally drab utilitarian object into a work of art. Students have the option of working on a plate or a mug. The enamels can be sprayed, painted, dipped, dripped, spattered or stenciled and then fired.

Guide july-september 2022

Woodturning I

Use a lathe to turn a rough piece of wood into a beautifully shaped spindle-turned mallet and face-plate mounted bowl. You will learn the basics of the turning process and cover tool usage, sharpening, wood selection, preparation, and finishing.

Guide jul-september 2022

Adult Art Bike

Build an art bike or customize your existing bike with cool art bike elements! This 30 hour class allows you to get a taste of bike customization and modification without diving into the full art bike/bike frame construction process. A great class for both teens and adults.

Guide july-september 2022

Mordant and Indigo Dyeing

Cover the fundamentals of natural fibers, mordanting (fabric pre-treatment), and immersion dye baths with red madder root and yellow weld. Create patterns on cloth with shibori techniques and bundle dyeing with whole plants, including dyeing with natural indigo and creating patterns using clay paste resist.

Guide july-september 2022

Fire Hula Hoop I

Build coordination and confidence as you construct your own practice PVC hula hoop and learn basic tricks with and without fire. You will learn beginner on-body and off-body moves, including turns, figure 8‚ tosses, isolations, fountains, and waist, hand, knee, and neck hooping. On the final night, you will work with an open flame!

Guide july-september 2022

Decorative Glass Pumpkins

Try your hand at glass blowing while creating your own decorative glass pumpkins. Learn to safely gather glass from the furnace, apply colors, and shape and sculpt molten glass. These glass art pieces make great gifts all year round! Be prepared to work in the heat!

Guide july-september 2022

NEW! Wheel Throwing II

In this course, you will continue to refine your throwing techniques and be challenged to throw larger more complex forms, including vases and plates. Students will continue to explore surface decoration, glazing, and how to combine hand building and wheel throwing.

PREREQUISITE: Wheel Throwing I

Guide july-september 2022

Boxes, Lockets, and Hinges

Students learn to create multiple hollow forms for use in jewelry, boxes, and lockets. Working in copper, brass, nickel, and silver, students incorporate movement into their pieces through hinges and learn to use handmade plastic dies with the hydraulic press.

PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals II

Guide july-september 2022

Youth Adventures in Sandcasting (Ages 12-18)

In this introduction to foundry processes, turn your ideas into cast-metal sculptures! You will create both open-faced and closed sand molds, then learn to pour molten aluminum with the help of your classmates. Once cooled, apply coloring and finishing techniques, then leave with a unique, finished sculpture you cast yourself!

Guide July-September 2022

Spoon Carving By Hand

Topics covered include different types of wood, grain direction, carving, shaping, and food safe finishes. Through short demonstrations and lectures, we will use a combination of power and hand tools, exploring the material for its functionality as a creative medium.

Guide July-September 2022

Metal Furniture Fabrication

Going beyond basic MIG welding, this course focuses on designing and fabricating functional and aesthetically interesting benches, coffee tables, flower stands, cabinets, wheeled furniture, shelves, coat racks, and just about any other piece of furniture you might like to fabricate.



Our top priority is keeping everyone safe.

Before you register, don’t forget to review our Health and Safety Guidelines, including mask requirements and COVID-19 vaccinations for all students age 12 and up.

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