Your Guide To January-March 2023 Classes Is Here!


Resolve to get creative in 2023! More than 130 January-March classes go on sale this Tuesday, November 1, including popular favorites, rare finds, brand-new offerings, and more.

You can explore new techniques in On Road Repair, Glass Sea Shells, and Raku Fire Bisque Pots. Plus, Fire Eating I and Wood + Metal make their return for the first time since the pandemic. We also have a number of popular favorites like Spoon Carving By Hand, Neon I, and Elegant Stacking Rings. And this February, you can celebrate the season of love in one of our Valentines-themed classes, including the new Glass Bead Hearts.

Guide january-march 2023

Check out all the January-March highlights below ahead of Tues’day’s member registration. Don’t forget, early class registration is a member-exclusive perk and is the only way to secure a seat in your favorite class. Plus, members get 10% off tuition, invites to private events, discounts on merch, and more. Become a member today to start cashing in! Public registration will open on Tuesday, November 8.

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Highlight: Valentine’s Day Classes

Celebrate the season of love with a creative class at The Crucible.

Guide january-march 2023

NEW! Glass Bead Hearts

Open your heart to soft Italian glass, while making unique glass bead hearts in beautiful colors. Using a tabletop torch, students will shape glass into heart beads, adding decorative elements like wings, if desired!

Guide january-march 2023

Enamel Hearts

Spend the morning making an original heart-shaped pendant for your valentine, pet, or yourself! Cut your own individual heart shape in fine gauge copper, add texture and dimension, then apply powdered vitreous enamels and fire in the kiln to add color and vibrancy.

Guide january-march 2023

Hearts of Glass

Speak the language of love with glass! In this exciting entry-level workshop, we simplify the iconic and complex organ that symbolizes love and life—the heart. In our hot shop, students learn basic glass-working techniques to blow, shape, and mold hot glass.

Guide january-march 2023

Glass Hearts

Open your heart to borosilicate glass, while making unique glass hearts in a variety of colors. Using an oxy-propane torch, students will shape glass into pendants and light catchers, while adding decorative elements like wings, if desired!

Youth classes your kids will love

Students ages 12-18 can join us for weekend classes this February

Guide january-march 2023

Youth MIG Welding

Ages 12-18

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Guide january-march 2022

Fire Eating I

Amaze an audience with your new skills as a fire eater! You will learn the science and safety behind basic tricks so you can fearlessly perform with open flame. You will learn tracing (how to run fire along the surface of your skin), transfers (moving flame from one source or position to another), various extinguishes, and tips for putting on a great show

Guide january-march 2023

Wood + Metal

Learn the fundamental properties of wood and metal, two titans of arts materials. Students create a custom piece of furniture incorporating a wooden top with a metal base, highlighting the ways each one complements the other.

Guide january-march 2023

Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Welding with heat produced by burning gasses is one of the oldest methods of welding, dating back to ancient Greece. In this course, students will be introduced to the gas burning torch, learning to control gasses and use heat to cut, braze, and weld steel. The class begins with a collection of technical exercises and finishes with a small creative project all in mild steel.

Guide january-march 2023

A Primer in 3-D Enameling

Explore the art of enameling 3-D metal forms with Judy Stone in this introductory one-day workshop. We will work with soft copper sheet, mesh, and copper wire. Students learn to plan for adding enamel and how to fire their pieces. Spray equipment, industrial enameling materials, and traditional jewelry enamels are used in this comprehensive introduction to 3-D enameling.

Guide january-march 2023

Forge Welding

You can deepen your blacksmithing skills in this class which covers all the fundamentals of this traditional craft. Learn the process of repeatedly drawing out a billet of steel, then folding it back and welding it upon itself. This class is also your introduction to the power hammer.

PREREQUISITE: Blacksmithing II

Guide january-march 2023

Brush-on Molds with Support Case

You will learn how plaster and silicone work together in making molds for casting a variety of materials including wax, plastic, and gypsum products. Class will begin with information that will help you in making or selecting an object to mold that is compatible with the process and size limitations.

Guide january-march 2022

Ceramic Bowls

Explore three different ways of hand-building your own beautiful bowls. Students will make vessels using hand-building techniques. Students are welcome to bring their own decorative textures for personalization. After your bowls are assembled we will decorate them using underglazes for a colorful finish. Your Instructor will fire and finish your bowls with a clear, food-safe glaze.

Spend time working on personal projects

Studio labs are an exclusive perk for Crucible members. January-March Labs include:

Glass Blowing
Glass Fusing & Slumping

Glass Flameworking (multi-week, one-day, and 12-hour)
MIG and TIG Welding

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Continuing level classes are your opportunity to grow your skills in a department of your choosing.

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