Your Guide to January-March 2022 Classes Is Here!

By Cathy Niland | 11.6.2021

Goodbye 2021, hello 2022, and hello to a slew of new opportunities to get creative in the new year. Our next member registration day is this Tuesday, November 9 and before classes open, you can explore all our new, rare, popular, continuing, and youth offerings.

We’re especially excited for you to discover the 16 new classes we’ll be running starting in January 2022. Machine Shop is hosting its first-ever 3-Hour Taster where students will make their very own small, metal hammer. Woodworking is offering classes like Take Home Jigs and Sharpening to help students build their best projects. And four new Glas Flameworking classes provide plenty of opportunities for you to explore new techniques behind the torch.

We also recently updated our online store to make finding classes easier than ever. You can now search by department, level, day,  time, and age with lightning-fast speed. We’ve also introduced sliders for price and number of class seats remaining, as well as an option to hide sold-out classes. And with the drop-down menu, you can select both a preset date range or customize your own calendar.

Guide january-march classes 2022

If you’re not a member, public registration will open the following Tuesday, November 16. But of course, that means your favorite class could fill up before then! Not only do members get first dibs on newly released classes, but they also get 10% off class tuition—always! And if you have your eyes on an upcoming lab session, those are a member-exclusive perk as well.

Become a member by registering online and your benefits will go into effect right away: Tap into your new VIP status to ensure you always get a spot in your favorite class.

Don’t Miss These Brand New Classes

Explore 16 new offerings in Glass Flameworking, Woodworking, Machine Shop, and more!

Guide january-March 2022

3-Hour Taster: Machine Shop

Learn how to safely operate a mill and lathe, while working on a brass-headed hammer to take home.

Guide january-March 2022

A Finer Table

Students who enjoyed making the mortise and tenon table in Woodworking I can go deeper into the process to design, plan, and build a table with a drawer in this continuing level Woodworking class.

Prerequisite: Woodworking I

Guide january-March 2022

Basic Bicycle Maintenance

In this class we will learn how to fix a flat tire, replace cables and housing, and perform the fine-tuning adjustments for brakes and shifting.

Guide january-March 2022

Bicycle Mechanics

In this class we will learn the in-depth anatomy of a bike and become acquainted with the tools used in a professional shop with a focus on hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, wheel truing, derailleur hanger repair, and more.

Guide january-March 2022

Enamel Drawing

Students will practice using transparent enamel to enhance drawings made in the metal itself (‘basse-taille), scratching lines through unfired enamel to reveal the surface underneath (‘sgrafftio’), and surface drawing using special pencils, pens, chalk, or crayons.

Guide january-March 2022

Fused Glass Decals

Your own photos, drawings, and images can be fused to glass. Bring a jpeg to the workshop and we will print them onto special decal paper that is then fired onto glass, becoming a permanent decoration.

Guide january-March 2022

Fused Glass Wall Vase

Design a wall hanging vase with different color glass, fiber paper, powder glass, and copper wire.

Guide january-March 2022

Glass Dragons

Develop your sculptural skills on an oxy-propane torch transforming borosilicate glass. Using the dragon’s own breath—fire—you will make wild and wonderful dragons of all colors and styles.

Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I

Guide january-March 2022

Glass Flameworking Lab – 1 Day

Practice the skills you learn in class and explore new possibilities with your craft. No instruction is provided during lab sessions, but a lab monitor will be present to answer questions, manage safety, and provide overall support.

Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I or Glass Beads I and Crucible membership

Guide january-March 2022

Glass Hearts

Using an oxy-propane torch, students will shape glass into pendants and light catchers, while adding decorative elements like wings, if desired!

Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I

Guide january-March 2022

Glass Sea Creatures

Explore the underwater world of sea creatures with borosilicate glass. Using an oxy-propane torch, students will sculpt octopus, shells, fish, and starfish!

Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I

Guide january-March 2022

Hand Tools

This introduction to hand planes, chisels, saws, and proper workbenches is meant for people who would like to work with wood without using machines.

Guide january-March 2022

Ornamental Machining

You will be introduced to the basics of operating mills and lathes with less focus on traditional precision and more on the unique potentials for cutting and shaping metal and other materials.

Guide january-March 2022

Saw & Solder Champleve

Using design techniques like sawing, filing, sweat soldering, wet packing, stoning, finishing, and patina, students will create a design in metal, solder it to a metal backing, then fill the open areas in the design with colorful enamels to be fired in the kilns.

Prerequisite: Enameling I

Guide january-March 2022


In this class, we’ll teach you the basic methods of sharpening edged tools using waterstones, and give you enough knowledge to purchase the supplies you need to continue at home.

Guide january-March 2022

Take Home Jigs

Learn about how to properly use jigs, then use the machines in our workshop to make a precise bench hook and a shooting board with miter attachments. Bring your own bench or block plane, or use ours to see what will be right for you.

Prerequisite: Woodworking I

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Popular and Rare Classes

These rare and popular classes fill up fast! Don’t wait to register.

Guide january-March 2022

Blacksmithing I

Learn the basics of blacksmithing! This class teaches the fundamental skills needed to forge steel and understand blacksmithing tools. We will introduce tapering, upsetting, flattening, dishing, and bending of hot steel. Students make small projects, such as spoons, knives, forks, and hooks.

Guide january-March 2022


This specialized course focuses on the forging techniques needed to produce sharp-edged tools of high-carbon steel. We will cover blade design, control of steel grain structure, hardening and tempering methods, steel finishes, and handle construction. Emphasis is on learning the fundamental skills needed to forge a good knife.

Prerequisite: Blacksmithing II

Guide january-March 2022

Ceramics I

Try your hands at making sculptural and functional forms in clay. This introductory class covers traditional hand-building and surface treatment techniques while pushing the boundaries with unconventional methods. You will leave with a solid foundation in working with clay and the ability to apply your new skill set to other 3-D work and materials.

Guide january-March 2022

Fire Hula Hoop I

Build coordination and confidence as you construct your own practice PVC hula hoop and learn basic tricks with and without fire. You will learn beginner on-body and off-body moves, including turns, figure 8’s, tosses, isolations, fountains, atoms, and waist, hand, knee, and neck hooping. On the final night, you will work with open flame!

It is recommended (but not required) to take Fire Safety before this class.

Guide january-March 2022

Glass Beads I

Learn to make colorful glass beads from Effettre glass rods (a soft glass) using an oxy-propane torch. This class teaches you how to make a variety of bead shapes, introduces tools to form and alter surface patterns, and shows you how to make stringers and twistees.

Guide january-March 2022

Neon I

Light up your life with neon! In this class you will learn the skills needed to complete a project in neon and an illuminated project. In addition to hands-on instruction in tools and techniques, this class includes discussion of design and aesthetic considerations.

Guide january-March 2022

Spoon Carving By Hand

Topics covered include different types of wood, grain direction, carving, shaping, and food safe finishes. Through short demonstrations and lectures, we will use a combination of power and hand tools, exploring the material for its functionality as a creative medium. At the end of the workshop, students leave with a unique spoon, ready to use!

Guide january-March 2022

Woodturning I

Use a lathe to turn a rough piece of wood into a beautifully shaped spindle-turned mallet and face-plate mounted bowl. You will learn the basics of the turning process and cover tool usage, sharpening, wood selection, preparation, and finishing.

Level Up Your Learning

Continuing level classes are your opportunity to keep developing in a department of your choosing.

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January-March Youth Classes

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Our top priority is keeping everyone safe.

Before you register, don’t forget to review our Health and Safety Guidelines, including mask and clothing requirements, sanitizing policies, and health checks upon arrival. Starting January 1, 2022, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for all students age 12+.

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