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A Case For Making: The Importance Of Education Accompanied By Art

By Cathy Niland | 09.18.2023

As students settle into the new school year, we’re reminded of the important role art-making plays in a fulfilling, well-rounded education. Studies show that youth who access art-making opportunities develop stronger communication skills, do better in math and science subjects, and participate more in class.

We see the proof on a regular basis. Educators from our partner OUSD Title 1 schools tell us their students who participate in Crucible workshops engage more in the classroom and develop greater trust with their teachers.

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Youth Program Manager, Samantha Espinoza explained, “Students who might have behavioral challenges at school, their counselors tell us their Crucible class calms them down and helps them prep for the day.”

She continued, “Oftentimes, the standard academic structure doesn’t meet students where they are. Having a creative practice helps bridge that gap. When students engage in hands-on art-making, it gives them new context for math and science lessons.

“One big thing I see in students start to finish is their confidence levels grow, both in their own skills and in their ability to communicate with others.”

– Samantha Espinoza
Youth Program Manager

Beyond the classroom, art education gives youth an outlet to express their emotions and develop greater compassion for others. And for students who struggle with traditional education, art can expose them to alternative career pathways.

Providing a safe space to create helps build strong individuals and, in turn, stronger communities. That’s why The Crucible is committed to providing fine and industrial arts education to all youth, no matter their financial need.

You can help us provide these life-changing opportunities.

When you make a gift of any size, you ensure Bay Area youth have access to the long-lasting impacts of arts education, during this school year and beyond. We can’t do it without your help—make a donation today!

Your gift makes the difference! 

  • $25 buys clay and materials for two youth scholarship students
  • $50 buys a lock and helmet for one Earn-A-Bike student
  • $100 covers materials costs for one scholarship student in welding
  • $300 buys 1000 pounds of iron for youth blacksmithing classes
  • $500 supports the average costs for one scholarship student

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