Fuego Youth Leadership Program

Fuego is a youth leadership opportunity for high school students excited about deepening their technical skills, learning leadership skills, and supporting The Crucible’s youth classes. Fuego leaders progress from immersive creative classwork to the exploration of possible career opportunities.


Since 2010


More than 70 youth ages 15-18 have graduated

79% have been students of color
80% were low-income
85% are now building careers in the trades or completing higher education
88% completed the two-year program
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Fuego Leader Graduates

Up to ten new Fuego students are selected each year and 1st-year students are encouraged to return for a second year. In order to apply, students must have completed at least three Crucible classes and be recommended by Crucible faculty or staff. Each Fuego student is paired with an experienced faculty instructor for two summers, with the goal of developing career skills, establishing rewarding relationships with mentors, and becoming leaders. Fuego leaders support teachers in the classroom, provide industrial arts demonstrations onsite and at Oakland festivals and cultural events, and mentor younger students.


Commission Our Leaders For Your Next Project

Our Fuego Leaders design, create, and fabricate community and public art—from welded bike bridges to community chicken coops. We make sure Oakland is built by Oakland.

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What They Have To Say

“The Crucible has broadened my horizons. There are so many different people and when you meet people your working with them or learning from them it’s a good way to get your self out there and find new opportunities.”

– Rocky Boikanyo

“My art is a way of finding a happy place, but also to see the reality of the world and what people go through. I want my art to show things that words can’t explain.”

– Bri Medina

“At school I am rather limited in the media I can use, but at The Crucible I can expand my skills and my work. The facilities here give me an opportunity to make art I would not be able to otherwise, and that opportunity is incredibly valuable to me.”

-Rowen Sanford-Eckhaus

“Glass is a white, male dominated art. I haven’t seen myself represented in Glass Flameworking very often, so just being here and being me is important.”

– C’Zarriah Davis-Smith

“Thanks to Fuego, I really developed my leadership skills. If I ever need to take control of a situation, I can.”

– Alex Orcutt

“I am very quiet person. Teaching the classes has really helped with public speaking skills and not getting really anxious when I have speak in front of a group.”

-Sabrina Brickner

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