Feedback comes in many forms including praise, support, questions, and everyone’s favorite, “constructive criticism”. This month The Crucible received a wonderful letter from Yelp! with a very specific kind of feedback: congratulations!

Working with our community has always been a large part of the DNA of The Crucible. We continually strive to match our curriculum to the needs of our students, and take time in each class to make sure each person who walks through the door has the experience they’re looking for. This month, Yelp! let us know that it’s been working.

Across the board we’ve received great reviews from folks who’ve taken the plunge and attended our classes and workshops. The comments range from simple and fun to lengthy and thoughtful. Here are a few:

I can now eat fire. Thanks, The Crucible.”

I don’t know how to give The Crucible anything less than five stars because where else can you learn glass blowing, wood working, arc welding and neon making? This is as good as places that do all that get!”

I couldn’t think of any line save the opening one from Shakespeare’s Henry V better to describe my experiences at the Crucible. To say that the artwork here is incredible is like saying the Sistine Chapel is pretty. The words fail.”

The Crucible is like another world. Inside the large Oakland space, exists a world of fire, glass, wood, metal, and creativity.”

“What a total trip! This place is something else. What that is exactly, I don’t know! ;o)”

This is definitely a version of Heaven. It’s pretty much inspired me to a whole new world of creative skills. I don’t really need to leave more in this review, it’s just awesome.”

You can read all of the reviews supporting our 4.6 stars on Yelp here: