The Crucible would like to give a special thanks to SmartyStreets ( for their donation of address verification services.

As with most non-profits, our amazing programs and events are supported in a large way by things we send through the mail. Catalogs, invitations, fundraising appeals… The Crucible maintains a community of roughly 20,000 people, many of whom receive multiple mailings each year. It’s a time-tested system that works wonderfully… Until people move without letting us know, and drop of the face of the planet, forever.

At least that’s what used to happen. By helping to update our data using Change of Address information, SmartyStreets’ address verification services help us maintain the most up-to-date mailing lists possible. Their amazing service helps keeps our members in touch, our donors up to date, our classes full, our events roaring and our lights on. Thank you SmartyStreets.