Gift Certificates

Share The Crucible with a friend or loved one! Gift certificates can be used for both Crucible classes and memberships. Digital gift certificates, available for immediate use, can be purchased for any denomination starting at $15. The Crucible no longer offers physical gift certificates, but you can download one to be printed at home for your gift-giving purposes. Please note that gift certificates are only valid with a verification code.

You are welcome to download this PDF gift certificate to print and present to your recipient! We recommend printing on cardstock paper to give it that official look!

How to Order Gift Certificates

Crucible gift certificates are delivered straight to your inbox and can be used immediately. If you wish to send the gift certificate to the recipient at a later date, you can forward the email when you are ready. If you’d like them to receive the digital gift certificate at the time of purchase, please include recipient’s information at checkout.

Want to make your gift extra special?

Add some Crucible apparel and merchandise to your order!