Roberta Smith

Teaching Since: 2001
Involved Since: 2001
Department(s): Enameling


“I started out making jewelry until I saw Marion Brown´s cloisonné ladies at a craft show in Santa Monica. I knew at once that was what I wanted to do. Marion offered classes at her home in Idyllwild and it was there that I learned the art of enameling. The colors of vitreous enamels intrigue me and I will always be a student of enameling. I have been the treasurer of Enamel Guild: West and am currently treasurer of the Northern California Enamel Guild. I collaborate with three close friends from San Diego, called the Flying Flux, on medium to large-scale enamel pieces, and expanded my experience from working on fine silver to copper. Quite a switch in mediums! Most of my work has been sold in small shows with the Gemological Institute and small craft shows in Southern California. Friends and family own most of my work. I continue to explore all aspects of enameling, but my true love is still small cloisonné wall pieces.” – Roberta