Paige Plander

Involved Since: November 2018
Crucible Staff Since: October 2019
Department(s): Kinetics & Electronics


I have a background in electronics, computer science, design, and teaching technical classes. After making a couple mobile applications in college, I started priming myself for a career path in software, but found screen-only interfaces too limited, and jobs in that field too market-focused. Once I got a job as a teaching assistant in the design department at my college, I got access to the departmental makerspace, which opened up a lot of opportunities to me. I had always been interested in electronic musical instruments, but the idea of repairing or making my own didn't cross my mind until I started spending time there. Having mentors available and access to tools helped make the projects I had in mind approachable, and led me to take electronic and design classes I now look back on as my favorites. I finished college having built a few instruments and guitar pedals, but more importantly, having found a subject I was excited to be a student of for the rest of my life. After graduating, I refined my skills working as a hardware/firmware engineer at an electronic musical instrument company, where I gained a better understanding of sensor circuits, and the design of precise electronic systems. I have become interested and begun working with residential electric power distribution, photovoltaics in particular, and I spend a lot of time thinking about what a world running on 100% renewable energy would look like, and how to get there.