Lizette Sanchez

Ceramics Department Co-Head
Department(s): Ceramics, Glass Fusing & Slumping


After 13 years of committed dedication to the success of a local family pizza joint in Berkeley, Lizette found The Crucible. With nearly two decades in customer service and exposure to the restaurant industry, she managed to always sprinkle in volunteer work with children. She is very patient and with strong attention to detail, and problem-solving. She always found great joy in creating with her hands; from a delectable dish or layout or her ever-expanding succulent garden to beading on a loom, Painting on glass, or building a gate. Lizette also curates window displays at a local toy store.

With a keen interest in form, construction, and tool use, she is ready to combine her lifelong skills to inspire those who are looking to take the first step, no matter the age, to explore their creative side.

“The moment a student is surprised by their own work and feels a speck of pride, that is why I teach. Witnessing that lightbulb moment is the most rewarding of all. ”