Doug Moore

Teaching Since: June 2015
Involved Since: June 2015
Department(s): Welding
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I concentrate on making art that investigates waste, scientific theories, and subversive humor. I produce sculptures made from "junk", illustrations, and other oddities while actively flouting artistic conventions and expectations. My subjects of choice include American political absurdities, godforsaken wordplay, Western excess, perverse social constructs, visual repetition and cute animals. Examination of these varied subjects helps me attempt to make better sense of my own world, and invigorate important discussions within my community. I actively work to avoid incorporating stylistic choices of artists who inspire me, though invariably my work does echo thematic fragments from contemporaries such as Robert Crumb, Arthur Ganson, Lizzee Solomon, M.C. Escher and others. My artistic style is playful, utilitarian, ambiguous, geometric, experimental, and confrontational. Expecting to leave this planet understanding it even less than when I found it, my work tends to forego any semblance of high mindedness, and focus instead on what minutiae might resonate most with other critically sentient beings who are along for this tumultuous, laughable ride.