Denise Taylor

Department(s): Jewelry


After working many years in the corporate arena, Denise Taylor began to explore her hidden inner artist. It didn’t take her long to find The Crucible and their wonderful jewelry department. After just one class and taking some time to volunteer with the Youth Program, she was hooked! She especially loved how simple techniques can change the metal into something amazing and enjoyable to wear. A few classes later Denise jumped at the opportunity to intern in the department since it would accelerate her jewelry education. Denise’s previous experience as a corporate trainer proved helpful in making a smooth transition to become an Instructor. She loves helping students and watching them turn a piece of metal into something beautiful that is unique and truly their own.

Denise is keenly aware that jewelers and metalsmiths are always taking classes to further their education and she plans to do just that. There are so many different techniques, the opportunities for learning are endless.