David Weisbach

Department(s): Machine Shop, Welding


Hi All,
My name is Dave Weisbach. I grew up in Southern California, northwest of Los Angeles. Growing up, I always worked with my hands. I got my first job as a bicycle builder at age 14 when I crashed my bicycle, broke my arm, and destroyed the frame, while en route to my best friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. My mom had the foresight to ask the owner of the bicycle shop where I purchased the bike if I could work off the cost of the replacement parts. I was hired on as a bicycle builder and paid $5 cash for each bike I assembled.
From there, I worked as a bicycle mechanic at another shop, a pizza delivery boy / cook, and worked through college as an auto mechanic, and later as a mechanical engineer / machinist. I moved to Davis, CA for grad school, also in mechanical engineering, and while there began working at Tesla motors as a quality engineer / manufacturing engineer. After Tesla, I briefly worked as a manufacturing engineer at SpaceX, before returning to the bay to work as a hardware engineer at a Biotech start-up in Emeryville, where I currently work full-time.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, climbing, bicycling, backpacking & car/ motorcycle camping, woodworking, paddleboarding, and traveling. I’ve been to about 35 states and 6 other countries.

I’ve been welding, on and off, for about 10 years. I have experience MIG and TIG welding, and have TIG welded steel, stainless, aluminum, and titanium, as well as oxy-acetylene cut and brazed. I also have quite a bit of experience, and greatly enjoy, manual and CNC machining, sheet metal working, and general fabrication.

I look forward to working with, and getting to know everyone at the Crucible, and am excited to be a part of the community it has created and very excited to return to education!