Brandyn Willridge

Teaching Since: July 2018
Involved Since: December 2017
Department(s): Welding


I have been welding for over 4 years and since then, I have never been able to put down the torch even after work hours. My garage slowly turned into my own art studio, collecting scrap metal from the neighborhood and trying to create sculptures to put in my family garden. My first welding job was at International Containers where I was making garbage cans and shipping containers. I felt like I can construct anything since I was working with extremely heavy metal. In trying to expand my knowledge I took an paid internship in Paterson, New Jersey, fabricating metal furniture which lead me to my next job at Quest Events. At Quest Events I prepared metal stage frames and customized 3D logos. The 3D logos really taught me a lot about metal fabrication and the support materials need to hold siren weights. In the past 4 years I have created over 20 sculptures with 13 of them being my own furniture designs.I love to create and craft something with a challenge. The outcome of the finished product is so rewarding. To finally complete a project, step back and see that I made a one of a kind master piece that I can call my own is amazing. It gives me a confidence that allows me to push myself harder and believe that I can successful and achieve much more.