Sewn patch by Paul Nosa. Burning Buttocks.

Meet Paul Nosa. For the past year, he’s been touring the country with his solar-powered sewing machine (yes, you read that right), participating in every art night, maker event, and museum exhibition possible.

His mission? It’s similar to ours here at The Crucible, and one we’ll get to share at the Playa Bound Sale & Open House this Saturday, June 22: Inspire creativity in everyone.

Nosa is fearless when it comes to chasing his own creativity. After a year of planning and two months of building, he devised the first sewing system of its kind: A Singer CG590 powered by a solar-panel, a bike, a 12-volt permanent fixed magnetic motor, and a 12-volt deep cycle marine battery.  With that, he’s not only able to capture creative quilted moments from his own life, but from the many passerby’s and community members he encounters.

And does he ever capture their creativity. He’s most known for his five-word challenge, in which he asks people to “think of a scenario and say it in five words or less.” Once the phrase is decided, he’ll “use a sewing machine to draw the image on the fabric.” The CBS Morning Show captured one such moment, and museums, art shows, and festivals nationwide have celebrated his work throughout the past year.

Paul Nosa will join us at Playa Bound, where he’ll have attendees ride his bike, feed him five-word phrases, and demonstrate how we can collaboratively create in unprecedented ways.  Until then?  I’m sending Paul’s five-word challenge right back at him…in Paintbrush.  Enjoy “Sewing Bike on the Moon,” and see you at Playa Bound this Saturday!