by Kristin Arzt

Over 150,000 Makers flooded the South Bay this past weekend for the 13th annual Maker Faire. The Crucible set up with our Blacksmithing forge, harmonograph, brand new raku kiln, Jewelry pendant stamping station, and of course, our fire poofers.

We hammered and fired and stamped our way to winning Maker Faire’s Editor’s Choice Award 2018. All of Make: Magazine’s editors are given ribbons to hand out to Makers who they felt brought something special to Maker Faire. And on Sunday, The Crucible was awarded with two Blue Ribbons!

The Crucible surely could not have done it without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, faculty, and staff that came out. Thank you to everyone who helped out and all the makers who stopped by, we are already looking forward to next year!

Here are some of our favorite photos:

Our Blacksmithing department demonstrates team striking while making an axe head.

Blacksmithing instructor Hiroki Fukushima demonstrates forging a knife.

David, CJ, Kate, and Juniper at the Jewelry booth where Maker Faire attendees created their own stamped pendants.

Make Faire attendees created their own unique artwork on our harmonograph.

Young Makers pick up Crucible swag – stickers, buttons, and more!

A Kinetic artist in the making spins this interactive Kinetic sculpture at our info booth!

Our fire poofers explode over The Crucible’s booth at Maker Faire!

“Zybot the Robot” hits the fire poofer button to shoot flames into the sky!

Rosa and Liliana, Ceramics instructors, holding it down at the ceramics booth.

Our Ceramics team raku fired over 300 pots glazed by attendees at Maker Faire!

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