by Cathy Niland

What did you do this summer? For most people, we’d guess plans didn’t include taking seven industrial arts classes. But for 13-year-old Jada, that’s exactly what her summer looked like. Even though she’d never been to The Crucible before, Jada dove in headfirst at the suggestion of her mom who wanted her to do something fun during summer break.

“She was scheduled for one week of scholarships this past summer and did great in her classes,” said Youth Program Associate, Samantha Espinoza. “Jada was really down to try anything and that’s such an awesome spirit to have. She didn’t limit herself to anything. She was really happy just to go for it and do whatever.”

We sat down with Jada to hear more about her summer at The Crucible and what she’s most looking forward to in her future artistic endeavors.

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Do you have a favorite class that you’ve taken?

Yes, it’s Glass Fusing! I liked all the necklaces I made. I made a lot of them!

What’s something you really enjoy about making art?

I like that you get to put your own design on it—it’s made by you. And I like giving work as gifts. When I make work, I don’t really feel like I need to keep it. So I give it away, knowing I can make more.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I would say myself to be honest. I don’t look at other people’s art. I have always drawn and had my own passion to make my own stuff. Now that I’m at The Crucible   I actually got to do it!

Do you have something specific you’d like to make more of?

I like making jewelry and making beautiful tiles. I liked the first tile I made. It had all different colors and the background was turquoise.

Is there something that really stood out to you during summer camps?

In my welding class, someone made a BIG hammer. I liked that one!

What do you enjoy most about being here at The Crucible?

I actually enjoy when you get help from the teachers. There is a difference between school and The Crucible. At The Crucible, teachers come up and ask you if you need help and actually help you and walk you through it. They teach everybody and don’t have a problem repeating themselves.

I Am The Crucible_Jada Works_Youth Summer Camp_2019_1209Do you have a teacher that’s stuck out to you?

Rikki helped me with my leather purse that I made. He was really helpful. In class, he would go around and help us put in the hard work. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have finished my bag in time. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure I would finish in time. But he helped me, so I did finish and I was really excited.

Is there a class you’re looking forward to taking?

I’m looking forward to taking neon. I like how the colors pop!

Is there something you’ve learned that you can take into other parts of your life?

I always had a problem asking questions, like I shouldn’t ask. But now I feel like I can ask. People don’t judge your questions here and they have the answers.

Is there anything about The Crucible you’d want other kids to know?

It’s really calm here. Students get to express their creativity. There are a lot of people who are creative who don’t get to go to The Crucible. I think they should come here and make a lot of things. It will change their whole perspective about how they do things.

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