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Become A Monthly Donor And Get An Exclusive Gift

By Cathy Niland | 7.1.2020

When we closed our doors on March 15, we had no idea how long shelter-in-place would last. It’s been a challenging time for maker spaces and nonprofits alike, but we’re dedicated to supporting our community and keeping the industrial and fine arts accessible to everyone. 

As we continue forging ahead with our reopening, safety remains our number one priority. We are limiting the number of individuals in the studio by holding fewer and smaller classes, and slowly reintroducing things like studio access for faculty and members. We’re spending thousands of dollars retrofitting our space to be compliant with new health and safety protocols, and staff is working nonstop to secure grant funding so that The Crucible can continue to support our working artists and remain open for the long haul.

Running classes at a limited capacity is how we can ensure the industrial arts remain accessible during these unprecedented times—but it means that for the foreseeable future The Crucible will be running classes at a deficit.

We know that without support from our incredible community, our reopening won’t continue. That’s why we’re asking you to join us and become a monthly donor.

With a monthly, recurring donation, you are showing that you are committed to our future and to The Crucible’s relaunch. A vital part of our support network, the monthly gifts of Flamekeepers will help bridge the gap and will be the difference in ensuring a creative future for the Bay Area. And to say thanks, our Blacksmithing Department has kindly donated a number of unique hand-forged items as a special gift for everyone who pledges a monthly gift of $15 or more for the next 15 days, July 1-15.  

There is still a long road ahead, but we are so grateful and lucky to have such a supportive community helping us get there. Hope to see you back in the studio soon. 

If you become a monthly donor between now and July 15, you can receive a unique gift

monthly donor

“We ignite joy” Crucible matchbox


monthly donor

Hand-forged Bracelet


monthly donor

Hand-forged Wall Hook


monthly donor

Hand-forged Letter Opener


monthly donor

Hand-forged Bottle Opener


monthly donor

Hand-forged Fork/Spoon Set & Bottle Opener


*As long as supplies lasts

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