The artwork of Oakland based sculptor Cynthia Handel explores the relationship between organic and inorganic forms. Handel derives inspiration from everyday objects such as tables, vessels, seedpods and other organic and man made structures. Handel notes, “Examining my work, I realize I work intuitively, creating elements, collecting parts that reflect what and how I see and respond to my surroundings.”

Cynthia Handel is a sculptor who has been teaching cast metal for the last ten years. After receiving her MFA from San Jose State University, Cynthia was assistant professor at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, developing its comprehensive casting program including iron casting. She has taught at Sonoma State University, San Jose State University and other Colleges in the Bay Area, and teaches foundry and moldmaking here at the Crucible.

Cynthia’s work combines cast elements with steel, wood and other materials such as silk and beeswax. Process and materials are as significant to Handel as form; through casting, welding, carving, and building – each piece is the result of multiple layers of decision-making. Elements are added, subtracted, and re-worked to create rich surfaces. Handel chooses materials that exist on opposite polarities – the permanence of steel and bronze contrast with the fragile delicacy of beeswax, silk and salt.

See some of Cynthia’s work January 15 – April 30, 2009 at:

Gallery 555 – Oakland Museum
555 12th Street, Oakland, CA
Open and free to the public. BART, AC Transit and Wheelchair accessible.