Saturday, August 17, 2019 10am–2pm

The Crucible is taking our studios on the road to East Oakland for AB&I Foundry’s Open House on August 17, 10am–2pm. We will have fire poofers activated, demonstrations in blacksmithing and foundry, as well as opportunities for you to get hands-on—absolutely free! Stamp and dye your own leather bracelet or choker, then head over to the jewelry tent to stamp a copper pendant of your own design.

Residing in Oakland for over 100 years, AB&I Foundry is the largest manufacturer of cast iron soil pipe and fittings in the Western United States. After making with The Crucible, you can tour their facility and see what 4,000 pounds of molten iron looks like coming out of an industrial furnace! It looks cool, we promise.

And don’t forget to grab your complimentary small cast iron pot—cast right there in Oakland—then check out the Oakland Zoo’s mobile zoo!

This event is free and open to the general public. All are welcome! However, parents of small children will need to pay special attention, as our studio space does have some rough edges.

Event Highlights

Tour The Foundry

You think that looks cool? Imagine 4,000 pounds of it. You can tour AB&I Foundry’s facility and see what 4,000 pounds of molten iron looks like coming out of an industrial furnace. Make sure to wear long pants and close toed shoes if you want a tour! Minimum age is 12.

Stamp A Copper Pendant

Make a copper pendant stamped with your own design. (Free!)

Foundry Demos

Hello Kitty is going on a foundry field trip! After seeing an industrial foundry at work, stop by and see the smallest (and cutest) Crucible furnace at work.

Play With Fire

Follow the fire poofers to find The Crucible at AB&I, and make sure to press our big red button and make your own mini explosion.

Free Cast Iron

AB&I Foundry will be gifting a complimentary small cast iron pot to each family or group!

Stamp A Leather Bracelet

Stamp and dye a leather choker or bracelet with our Leather Working Department. (Free!)

Free Lunch

Enjoy a complimentary lunch courtesy of AB&I Foundry.

Blacksmithing Demos

Watch our blacksmithing faculty swing a hammer and forge steel into unique metal creations!

Oakland Zoo

Oakland zoo will be bringing the animals with their Mobile Zoo!

Getting There

AB&I Foundry is conveniently located at 7825 San Leandro Streeet, a few blocks from the Coliseum BART station in East Oakland. There is parking on-site.

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