“L’oiseau de feu”

April 9-12 and 16-19, 2008

The Classic Story: Firebird
The Crucible’s version of this classic Russian folktale begins in the enchanted garden of the evil sorcerer, Kashchei. A group of beautiful maidens have discovered a magical orb, whose power lures them to it, trapping them just as the evil Kashchei appears. The maidens struggle to break free of the orb’s power, but cannot release themselves, and Kashchei leads them away.

Suddenly, a fire ball explodes, and the mysterious Firebird appears in its wake. She is enjoying herself in the forest when Prince Ivan, who is out hunting, spots her. He is entranced, and gives chase. After a wild pursuit, Prince Ivan finally captures the fantastic creature. The Firebird pleads for her freedom, and finally Prince Ivan grants it. In return, she presents him with a magic feather, telling him it can be used to summon her if he is ever in need.

Prince Ivan climbs the wall into Kashchei’s garden and spies the group of maidens frolicking and dancing. Hiding in the trees, he watches them, and quickly becomes smitten with the maiden Tsarevna. He reveals himself and much merrymaking ensues. Ivan and Tsarevna have fallen in love at first sight, but all too soon trumpets and fire herald Kashchei’s return.

Kashchei is furious that his garden has been invaded and his guards attack the group, capturing Ivan. Tsarevna pleads for mercy, but Kashchei only revels in her despair, calling for his henchmen to torture Prince Ivan. Remembering his gift from the Firebird, Prince Ivan pulls out the feather. The Firebird comes to the rescue, and emboldens the maidens to put up a fight. Working together, Ivan and Tsarevena discover that the secret to Kashchei’s immortality lies within the orb; they smash it and break all his evil spells. Good triumphs over evil, prince and princess declare their love in a wedding ceremony, and live happily ever after.

The Music:
Sergei Diaghilev commissioned a complete score for his ballet for the 1910 season of Ballet Russe. The resulting Firebird score was the fruit of close collaboration between librettist and choreographer, Michel Fokine, and Igor Stravinsky, and marked the first time music was created specifically for, and as an integral part of a ballet. Diaghilev was a great talent scout and a visionary who promoted collaboration between the arts. Stravinsky became celebrated as one of the greatest composers for the ballet. While they may be rolling over in their graves, we beg their forgiveness for the creative liberties taken with their music and libretto for this unique production.

Complete Firebird Production Credits:
Designed and Directed by: Michael Sturtz
Choreography: Viktor Kabaniaev
Stage Direction: Mark Streshinsky
Music Direction: Scott Sterling
Lighting Direction: Ben Davis
Fight Direction: Jonathan Rider
Technical Director: Danny DillonEvent Coordinator: Sean Orlando
Production Assistant: Wendy RolónPerformers:

Firebird: Tina Bohnstedt
Aerial Firebird: Janine Fondiller
Prince Ivan Tsarevich: Easton Smith
Moto Prince Ivan Tsarevich: Darius Khashabi
Tsarevna: Haley Henderson
Kashchei: Iron Monkey aka Shawn Hallman

Captive Princesses: The Nekyia
Choreographed by Kristina Cañizares

Kristina Cañizares
Tiffany Parish
Danielle Hooper
Rachel Strickland
Maya Culbertson-Lane

Kashchei’s Henchmen: Flavor Group & fLo-Ology
Prem Kumta
Paul Galtman
Odie Kim
Tommy Ly
Cody Smith

Kashchei’s guards: Hunter
Ian Baker
Elias Repka
Jesse Morris

Foundry Ents: Nick DiPhillipo, Chris Neimer

Thanks to The Crucible’s Staff & Faculty for demonstrating techniques in:
Glass Blowing
Torch Cutting
Glass Flameworking

Firebird Gala Special Performances:
Aerial Artistry by: Tiffany Parish & Leah Gonzales
Music by: Dan Cantrell
Candelabras Courtesy of: Gregg Hessell

Costume Designs:
Designer for Prince Ivan Tsarevich & Tsarevna:
Anna Prisekin
Designer for Firebird corsets: Autumn Adamme
Designer for Kashchei’s Henchmen suits & Firebird jumpsuit: Megan Fenske
Designer for Kashchei & Henchmen cloaks:
Bad Unkl Sista
Designer for Free Maidens: Rebecca Feller and Lee Kobus
Designer for Kashchei’s Guards: Skeeter from Mr. S Leather Company
Designer for Moto Prince Ivan Tsarevich: Alpinestars

Set Construction:
Metal Garden: Michael Christian, Orion Fredericks, and Scottie Chapman
Kashchei’s Grotto: Ben Carpenter
Bean Stalk: Chris Niemer
Balcony Railing: Carla Hall
Fire Effects: Danny Dillon
Stage: Joey Gottbrath & The Studio Crew

Prop Construction:
Kashchei’s Tower: Liz Judkins
Kashchei’s Plasma Orb: Ed Kirschner
Disco Ball Engineering: David Cole
Firebird Tutu & Kaschei’s Claws: Ian Baker
Firebird Wings: Jonathan Hyman
Neon: Norman Moore
Bronze Apple Tree: Nick DiPhillipo
Kaschei’s Torture Device: Daniel Padget
Pontiac: Michael Sturtz
Pontiac Structural: Dann Davis

The Crew:
Stage Manager: Jay Kravitz
Que Master: Lucio Menegon
Fire Safety Captain: Michael Curry
Fire Safety: CTP
Fire Safety: Neal Taikeff
Prop Master: Kevin McElroy
Forklift Operator: Dann Davis

Assistant Stage Manager: Stephanie Pasvankias
Assistant Stage Manager: Will Chase
Assistant Stage Manager: Leslie Savvy
Assistant Stage Manager: Dee Dee Hyde

Make-up: Shamika Baker
Costume Coordinator: Anna Prisekin
Assistant Costume Coordination: Megan Murray