Classes & Programs
OaklandLocal – “Oakland bike program give youth chance to stay active this summer” by Jackie Ho
Comcast Hometwon Network- “Upside” (aired March 2011)
PBS Kids – Design Squad Nation – “Musical Bike” (aired March 2011)
Full Episode…
Inferno: A Fire Circus
San Francisco Bay Area Today Inferno: A Fire Circus Comes to Oakland on July 14-16
by Vickie Chandler (July 11, 2011)
Fire Circus at the Crucible: The hottest show in Oakland
by Nicole Jones (July 14, 2011)
Circus of fire in Oakland
By Roshni Oommen (July 14, 2011)
IT’S AN INFERNO: A Fire Circus At The Crucible
KTVU Channel 2 (aired July 14 & 15, 2011)
Fire on stage highlights this weekend’s arts festival at The Crucible
by Irene Florez (July 17, 2011)
Black Rock City Comes to Oakland Through Inferno: A Fire Circus
by Tamara Palmer (July 15, 2011)
Crucible Revival: Keep The Fire Burning
Diablo Magazine “The Crucible’s Fiery Anniversary” by Serena Renner
KTVU Channel 2 “Crucible Benefit Bids Farewell To Founder”
SF Chronicle “Crucible’s Michael Sturtz leaving in blaze of glory” by Meredith May
SF Chronicle 96 Hours “The Crucible Revival: Keep the Fire Burning” by Andrea Abney
East Bay Express “Michael Sturtz Is Passing the Torch at The Crucible” by Ellen Cushing
OaklandSeen.com “Photos: ‘Revival: Keep the Fire Burning’ at The Crucible”
OaklandSeen.com “Revival at The Crucible! Amen!” by Pamela Mays McDonald
Bay Area Reporter “Oddly Enough” by Jim Provenzano


HEAT: A Fire Cabaret

Live ABC 7 News
Don Sanchez
July 1, 2010

Hot Girls in Heat: A Fire Cabaret!
Rachel Gill
July 7, 2010

KTVU Channel 2 – PSA

Video – “Heat: A Fire Cabaret in Oakland”
Slideshow – “OO LA LA! The Crucible’s First Ever ‘Fire Cabaret'”

SF Bay Guardian
“Playing safe at the Fire Cabaret”

“Flash! Bang! Girl-on-girl aerial hula!: Scenes from the Fire Cabaret”
Oakland Tribune & Contra Costa Times
“Oakland’s The Crucible offers a night of fire and cabaret”
“Seduction’s Flashpoint”
Podcast: July 16, 2010
Diablo Magazine
“Top Tickets July 12-18, 2010” 
Classes & Programs
East Bay Express – “Best of the East Bay Award”


New York Times – April 30, 2010
Oakland’s Journey From Seedy to Sizzling
San Francisco Chronicle – 96 hours
“Don’t miss: ‘Cast'” by Mary Eisenhart – Thursday, April 29, 2010
Alive East Bay – April/May 2010
Diablo Magazine
Top Tickets: April 12-17, 2010
New York Times – March 29, 2010
Oakland Rallies for Runners and Itself
DYI – Cool Tools – January 11, 2010 – 7:30PM


Classes & Programs
Citysearch – Do-It-Yourself Craft Classes in SF by Chelsea Lin
CBS News Report – Jefferson Award Winners, Kristy Alfieri & Carla Hall


Comcast Newsmakers with Kristy Alfieri, Youth & Community Director

Kristy Alfieri talks about youth opportunities at The Crucible.
Comcast Newsmakers with Rob Nehring, Adult Program Director
Rob Nehring talks about adult classes at The Crucible.
KMVT – What’s Up Wit’ That?
Host, Andrew Willyoung, interviews instructors, staff, and students from the Crucible, and includes video footage of Crucible activities.
Contra Costa Times & BANG Papers – July 12
“Arts organizations receive a funding boost” by Laura Casey
Oakland North
“Bikes get hyphy in West Oakland”“Sparks, flames and dreams: A day at the Crucible
Special Events & Appearances
PC World: Our Digital Demolition Videos: Burn, Hard Drive, Burn
The Crucible lends a hand to PC World to fire test a new hard drive.
Article | Video Clip
KCBS Radio – 20 Years After the Earthquake with Doug Souvern
The Crucible’s Cathedral Gallery
KTVU.com – Video

KTVU.com – Image Slideshow
Fire Arts Festival
ABC7 News – Video
KTVU.com – Video
KTVU.com – Image Slideshow
KTVU.com – Story
G4 TV – Video
Other broadcast mentions:
KDTV – Ch. 14 Univision evening news
Comcast local programming
MYX-TV – Bsides
KFOG Radio
East Bay Express – July 15
“The Fire Got Bigger”
Oakland Magazine & Alameda Magazine – July/August issue
Out of Town – “Fired up for the Fire Arts” by Georgo Shirk
Berkeley Daily Planet – July 16
“Shadowlight Puppet Play at ‘The Rootabaga Opera” By Ken Bullock
San Francisco Bay Guardian – July 15
Guardian Staff – “Our Weekly Picks”
Oakland Tribune & BANG Papers – July 17
“Crucible Fire Festival about to ignite” By Annalee Allen
Contra Costa Times & BANG Papers – July 2
“Art, music and fire in West Oakland” by Laura CaseyContra Costa Times.com Video – July 21
“A burning attraction at the Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival” by Sean Donnelly
NBCBayArea.com – July 21
“Who’s Bridge and Tunnel Crowd Now?” by Josh Keppel
Examiner.com – July 16
“Two more days of the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland” by Heather Ehmke
Diablo Magazine – July 14
“Sneak Peek at this Year’s Fire Arts Festival” by Ethan Flectcher
CNET – July 20 – Image Slideshow
“Fire Arts Festival lights up Oakland nights”
KQED Arts – July 14
“Fire! Fire! Robots!: The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival” by Claire Light
Dracul: Prince of Fire


ABC 7 News – Video
KTVU.com – Video
KTVU.com – Image Slideshow
San Francisco Chronicle – January 4, 2009
“Invitation of the Week: The Crucible takes a bite after burning up a decade”San Francisco Chronicle – January 8, 2009
96 Hours “Dracul’s Hot Dad”

San Francisco Chronicle – January 10, 2009

East Bay Express – January 7-13, 2009
“Vampires and Fire Starters”


Classes & Programs
Oakland Magazine
In The Mix: “Tiptoe into the Fire” by Derk Richardson
Decemeber 2008
Voice of America
“Michael Sturtz Fosters Collaboration of Arts, Industry and Community” by Jan Sluizer
August 19, 2008


Fine Arts Magazine
“Chihuly Opening Weekend”
Summer 2008
San Francisco Chronicle
“Chihuly Opening Weekend”
June 6, 2008
Piedmont Post
“Last Call For Summer Camps at The Crucible”
July 16, 2008
8th Annual Fire Arts Festival

“Gallery: Fire Arts Festival Opens in Blaze of Glory” by Jenna Wortham and Emily Lang
“Five-Alarm Artists Turn On the Burn for Fire Arts Festival” by Jenna Wortham


Oakland Magazine
“Four Days of Fire”
July 2008
Piedmont Post
“Fire Arts Festival 2008”
July 16, 2008


Contra Costa Times
“Art, music afire” by Laura Casey
“Ready, aim … FIRE!” by John Curley
“Back to the fire” by John Curley
Annual Fire Arts Festival Roars To Life
BURN BABY BURN: The Crucible’s Fire Arts Fest


Fire Arts Festival heats up the Bay Area
“Fiery Nights at Crucible Fire Arts Festival” by Ingrid Taylar
Hot Couture – Fashion Show
FLAMING FASHION: The Crucible Puts On A Fiery Fashion Show


7th Annual Fire Arts Festival
SF Gate
“Hot-And-Heavy Sculpture Gets Artists Warmed Up” by Meridith May
“A Case Study In Heating Up The Dance Floor” by Meridith May
SLIDESHOW: Fiery Odyssey Lights Up Oakland Sky
VIDEO: FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! The Crucible’s Fire Art Festival Kicks Off In Oakland
VIDEO: Newscast from opening night, with John Sasaki
“The Crucible livens up its annual Fire Arts Festival” By Laura Casey
SF FIST, 7/13/07: We Came, We Saw, It Kicked Our A**
FLAVORPILL, 7/10/07: Cultural Stimuli is SF
Fire Ballet – Romeo & Juliet

Arts & Entertainment Feature: with video link!
‘The Crucible’ Kicks Off Eighth Anniversary ShowReported by Don Sanchez
January 12, 2007

“‘Romeo and Juliet’ burns with passion at Crucible” by Rachel Howard, Dance Critic
January 12, 200796 Hours cover story:
“BURNING DESIRE – ‘Romeo and Juliet, A Fire Ballet’
The Crucible forges a hot take on Shakespeare’s romance”
by Matthew Green
January 11, 2007
Review and Story:
“Star-crossed ‘Romeo & Juliet’ breathes fire” by Laura Casey
January 11, 2007

“Hot ‘Romeo & Juliet’ ***1⁄2” by Sasha Vasilyuk
January 12, 2007
Special Projects
Popular Science Magazine
“The BioDiesel Bullet” by Gregory Mone
August 2007


New York Times
“Playing with Fire” by Ethan Kaplan
July 2, 2006




Oakland Magazine
“47 Reasons We Love Oakland”
December 2004