The Crucible hosted lively lecture series, featuring artists, artisans and tradespeople who present their work and answer questions about the processes and techniques they use to produce their art.

Lectures were held on Sunday evenings, and provide the opportunity to hear from creatives on the vanguard of arts and industry today.

Fall 2003

Beverly Pepper: Sculpture, Abstraction, Steel & Environment

Fall 2002

Albert Paley: Master of Metal

Summer 2002

Preston Jackson: Figures, Monuments, Steel & Society
Ned Kahn: Art, Science and Creation through Chaos
Michael Hayden: The Art of Luminosity & Light

Spring 2002

Lanny Silverman: Kinetic Art and Art & Technology – from a Curator’s Viewpoint
Alleghany Meadows: Rhythm, Labor, & Form: Utilitarian Pottery
Susan Kingsley: Metalsmithing & Postmodern Alchemy
Mike Hill: Monuments of Stone, Metal & Cement