Fashion + Art Show and Preview
Friday, April 13, 2007, 7- 10PM

Open House, Art & Fashion Exhibition, and Rusty Elephant Sale
Saturday and Sunday, April 14th & 15th,
10AM – 4PM Free Admission

Friday Night
Fashion + Art Show and Preview

On April 13th, 2007, The Crucible presented the hottest of haute couture in a fashion show of wearable art made from repurposed materials. The evening’s entertainment included a fabulous art show, a preview of The Crucible’s Rusty Elephant Sale (an unparalleled source of donated industrial surplus), and, of course, fire performance.

Performances by:
Urban Pointe Evocation • Miranda Caroligne • Mystress Fyre & Co.

Music by: Halon

Lighting by: reFRACTion and Lauren McCullough

• elmajdesign
• Auberon
• Spy Girl Friday
• Eric Pennella
• Jay Bridgland
• Diana Stasko
• O’Lover Hats
• Helena Stoddard
• Bree Hylkema
• Bonnie Heras
• SuperSugarRayRay
• Kathleen Fernald
• Hungry Panda
…and much more

Saturday and Sunday
Open House, Art & Fashion Exhibition, and
Rusty Elephant Sale

On April 14 and 15, The Crucible welcomed spring with an open house and art show that included wearable art. Industrial surplus was on sale at our Rusty Elephant Sale and demonstrations of industrial arts showed how you could turn that surplus into art of your own.

Admission free for all.

Rusty Elephant Sale featured:

• Industrial Surplus
• Materials for your next
work of art
• Scientific glassware
• Scientific stainless steel
• Equipment and machinery
• Bicycles
• Other cool stuff

Other activities included:

• Bicycle Fix-a-thon on Sunday
• Youth activities
• Youth art
• Glass blowing
• Bronze pour
• Fire performance