runway jeaneen brunck

Hot Couture 2013. Design by Jeaneen Brunck, back with new designs in 2014!

On each night of The Crucible’s Hot Couture 2014 your ticket will let you experience three distinct runway shows. Each multidisciplinary performance will feature first-ever public viewings of stunning, cutting edge looks, and fire effects on the swirling fibonacci runway especially built for this event in our 56,000 sq. ft. West Oakland warehouse. Don’t miss a moment!

7:30 pm


  • Latex Fashionistas
  • Mistress Calliope
  • Tiger
  • Jezebel

8:30 pm

  • Jeaneen Brunck
  • Annamarta Dostourian (Suzanne Stroot, Emil Barber, Mona Bourell, Veronica Rojas)
  • Medium Reality (Rachel Lyra Hospodar)


  • Latex Fashionistas

9:30 pm

  • Samuel Waller & Sophia Constance Ellis (Celeste Flores, Chris Neimer , Trackers Earth – Bay Area, Sheet Metal Alchemist)
  • Miss Velvet Cream (2Entn.Com Jewelry)


  • Alexandra Candia
  • Musas Do Passaros
  • Carol Frank, Luis Enrique, Nadia Love, Danielle Aceituno
  • Performance By Fogo Na Ropa Directed By Jose Rivera & Metzi Henriquez

Swirling fibonacci runway built especially for Hot Couture 2014.