Photo courtesy of Coyote Counter Collective.

Coyote Counter Collective is a cooperative art and design space in North Oakland formed by group of artists banded together to re-imagine structures on their own terms. The corner storefront is equal parts gallery, boutique, studio workspace, garment re-construction factory, style hub, and general one- stop waypoint for cultural re-fitting.

For Hot Couture 2013, Coyote developed a conceptual collection of smart garments with an eye towards integrating some of the newest technologies out there with some of the oldest.

Electroluminescence, LEDs, laser-cut shapes, 3D printed forms and conductive fabrics and threads are layered with stained glass, applique, dye, felt, quilting and silkscreen to lend illuminated and richly textured surfaces to these glowing, flickering creatures. The garments transfer information via simple touch or wireless radio signals, affecting each other in various ways.

Throughout the collection is evidence of an ongoing commitment to sustainability.  The garments are primarely either reconstruced or made from reclaimed materials, and the 3D printed parts use renewable corn plastic.  The underlying belief of Coyote Counter Collective is that we must also develop egalitarian models of working if we wish to be truly sustainable. The process is indeed part of the product, and Coyote believes that we must look to artists to show the way forward for society.

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Coyote Counter Collective is:

  • Medium Reality – design
  • Lara Grant – design, electronics
  • Rachel McConnell – design, electronics
  • Rachel Lyra Hospodar – electronics, facilitation
  • Sylvia Wood – stained glass
  • Type A Machines – 3D printing

Coyote Counter Collective wishes to thank to Chris K Palmer (Shadowfolds), Miloh Alexander, Chartreuse Circle, Pants Interface, Noisebridge and Merchants of Reality.