Something amazing is in the
works at The Crucible. For the second time in our history, we’re
launching an event bringing the creativity, skill and glamour of high
fashion together with the strength, power and volatility of the
industrial arts. Introducing HOT COUTURE: A Fusion of Fashion and Fire.

our 14th year anniversary event, Hot Couture seeks teams of designers
to collaborate and design industrial haute couture. Our event concept is
to blend the intensity and craft surrounding true French haute couture
with the raw energy and materials found in the industrial arts. We’re
calling for fashion designers to pair with industrial artists to use
talents from both fields to create bold design, visionary fashion, and
accessories that can only exist in this rare coupling of worlds.

metal, paper, stone, silk, fire, electricity… All materials and methods
of beautifully integrating them with the human form are up for grabs.
The supporting event will be produced in proper Crucible style, with a
focus on industrial elements set to a backdrop of metal and fire.

the show run has completed, all pieces will be included in a moving art
installation as part of a set of exhibits in museums throughout the San
Francisco Bay Area.

We are currently seeking submissions and team proposals from fashion
designers and industrial artists. Interested participants should click here to fill out our proposal form.


  • Design teams much produce a minimum of four complete looks for the show.
  • Looks must be imaginative and well executed.
  • Wearable is a guideline; we are looking for fashion sculpture.
  • All designs should be flame resistant.

Event Details

  • The dates for the show will be Friday and Saturday nights, January 11th and 12th, 2013.
  • The Crucible will provide a materials stipend for each team selected.
  • The Crucible will own the works after the show.
  • All artists and designers will be credited for their work.

COUTURE: A Fusion of Fashion and Fire fashion is a spectacle that you
won’t want to miss. We’re looking forward to supporting you and your
team, and we’d like to get started as soon as possible.

For information on haute couture and it’s place in France’s fashion DNA, Vanity Fair has this: 

Interested in participating? Click here to fill out our proposal form!