Friday, October 14, 2011 • 6:30-9:30PM
$10 at door / Free for Crucible Members

Join us as we explore the changing of the seasons and the play on light and shadow this time of year brings. This evening will feature work from our glass, wood, stone and ceramic departments with an exquisite art show and exciting live demos. Also don’t miss our memorizing stage performances from the Ladies of Ruckus and lively DJ mixed beats by DJ Mancub from Space Cowboys.

While perusing art, guests will enjoy a live preview of The Crucible’s upcoming world premiere fire opera: MACHINE. Accompanied by some of the props and effects planned for the show, Eugene Brancoveanu, the show’s lead baritone, will perform on the Crucible stage.

We are also trying something new, we are hosting our first-ever open fire spin jam for experienced fire performers and alumni. No instruction will be given; it’s just a chance for people to practice their fire performance skills in a safe environment. All fire toys are welcome, but each will receive a safety inspection before they can be used in the spin jam. See Spin Jam Rules…

Discounts on Crucible class tuition will be available to attendees who register at the event. New students will receive 20% off class tuition and Crucible members will receive 25% off class tuition. In addition, guests can put their $10 cover charge towards the cost of the class. A door prize raffle and the costume contest will also offer attendees a chance to winning free tuition on a Crucible class. All ages are welcome. There is a $10 cover at the door and Crucible members are free.

Event Highlights

• Live industrial art demonstrations in featured areas: Glass, Wood, Stone and Ceramics
• Spectacular art show showcasing work from featured areas
• Fiery stage performances from the Ladies of Ruckus
• Groovin’ beats by DJ Mancub from Space Cowboys
• First-ever fire spin jam
• Tasty food and sinful treats
• Exciting discounts on Crucible classes
• And chances to win free tuition on a Crucible class!

Crucible Spin Jam Rules

The spin jam is regulated by the Spin Jam Manager and the Fire Safety Captain. They have the final say in all things safety related and have the authority to eject anyone not adhering to the rules or common sense safety.

The Crucible will provide a trained fire safety crew armed with wet towels and CO2 extinguishers, a fuel dump area and a spin out area. Performers should bring their own fuel clearly marked with type of fuel and their name. White gas and ultra pure lamp oil are the only two fuels allowed. All fire toys are welcome. We ask that you wear all natural fiber clothing (cotton, wool, silk etc.) and no synthetics. Spin time allotted will depend on the amount of jam participants. Please be aware of your surroundings and other performers in the spin area while spinning. No official instruction will be given during the spin jam, though sharing tips and tricks with others is encouraged. All spin jam participants must at least be 18 years of age.

  • Each participant must sign a safety waiver
  • Participants must bring their own fuel
  • All fuel must be clearly marked with type of fuel and participant’s name
  • White gas and ultra pure lamp oil are the only two fuels allowed
  • No fuel in the fire jam area, including lighters in pockets
  • All fire tools must be inspected before fueling
  • All tools must be properly spun out before lighting. No lit spinouts allowed.
  • Fire tools may only be lit in the jam area

Performers cannot be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance to participate. Any spin jam participant who appears to be under the influence will be ejected from the event.

Event Location & Directions
The event will be located at:
The Crucible
1260 7th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

The Crucible has a very small parking lot on the corner of 7th & Union that will be available for disabled placard parking only. Those spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and go quickly. There are also two paid parking lots that will be staffed. One is on Kirkham Avenue and the other is the 5th Street lot by BART. Please do not park in lots owned by local businesses or the residential area behind The Crucible; your car may be towed.

Public Transit
Ditch the car and don’t worry about parking – The Crucible is easily accessible by BART! From the West Oakland BART Station, exit onto 7th Street, turn right and walk 2 blocks east to Union (at the 2nd light). The Crucible is on the northwest corner of 7th & Union, at 1260 7th Street. To plan your BART trip, visit