The Crucible’s Annual Celebration of Fire, Art and Community

The 9th Annual Fire Arts Festival has burned itself out — 4 days; 300,000 sq. feet; 35+ installations; 23+ performing groups; 18 merchandise vendors; 5 food vendors; 4 bars; 1,000+ volunteers; miles of barricades and fencing; probably a million BTUs expended and over 12,000 people attending — more than any previous Fire Arts Festival!

The open air studios and demonstrations of Main Street drew people of all ages to see what the industrial arts are all about, with many getting hands-on with ceramics, stone cutting, electronics, and more.

Many of the astounding art installations invited visitors to interact and control the action, while artists explained the physics and engineering behind their work – or just kicked up the flames higher – as the awe-struck audience watched.

The Rootabaga Opera, by Dan Cantrell rocked the stage every night with song, dance, puppetry and shadow effects that set the tone for the amazing performers and musicians that followed.

Saturday’s Fire & Light Soirée was an scorching success with hundreds enjoying an exquisite dinner amidst beautiful art and décor.  Our two youth representatives received a standing ovation, and the bidding for artwork was spirited.

Thanks to everyone who supported our arts education programs by coming to The 9th Annual Fire Arts Festival.

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G4 TV – The Pyromaniac’s Crucible Art Fest (Link to Video)


The Crucible’s 9th Annual Fire Arts Festival – Inside Bay Area


Blackmahal’s Lal Singh Bhatti and Radioactive Freestyle at the Fire Arts Festival

DCDT & Friends with Amanda Palmer, Fire Arts Festival 2009 – Billie Jean, Oasis

Fire Pendulum by PyroKenetics at Fire Arts Festival 2009