Siege of the Gallery –

Call for Curatorial Proposals for a Group Exhibit

CALL FOR PROPOSALS! DEADLINE: Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 5PM

The Crucible’s Cathedral Gallery is figuratively under siege in July… And it could be your group that occupies our space. We are accepting curatorial proposals for a small group exhibit that accentuate the Cathedral Gallery’s mission of promoting the Crucible classes and showcasing the community of fine and industrial arts.


Guidelines and Eligibility:
The Crucible’s mission must be considered when writing and submitting proposals to the Cathedral Gallery: The Crucible is a non-profit educational facility that fosters a collaboration of Arts, Industry and Community. Through training in the fine and industrial arts, The Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials and innovative design while serving as an accessible arts venue for the general public.

One Lead Artist/Curator will be in charge of curating the show, coordinating the participating artists, and will be the primary contact in communicating with the Crucible’s gallery staff. A minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 artists, including the Lead Artist/Curator must actively help organize and participate in the exhibit. Artists and curators MUST be based in the Bay Area. Each artist must have 5 to 10 pieces in the exhibit. The Curator and Artists MUST BE PRESENT Opening night. All work must remain in gallery for the duration of the exhibit. All of the following materials are required to be included with your submission to be considered for this opportunity.

Required Materials:
Completed Submission Form
Short Project Description (1 paragraph)
Curatorial Statement (1 page maximum) that provides a descriptive explanation of the show proposal and addresses the following questions:
– How does the proposed exhibit support the Crucible’s mission?
– How does each artist’s work contribute to the overall proposed theme of the exhibit?
– In curating and laying out the exhibit, how will the exhibit engage the visitors and utilize the gallery’s unique space?
– Should your proposal be accepted, how will working with the Crucible further your artistic goals?

5-10 Images of work per artist (See Submission form for formatting instructions).
Image List – Including artist name, title, medium, year, dimensions, and price (or insurance value if not for sale) for each work.
Resumes and Bios from each artist.
(Optional) Announcements, fliers, published reviews, etc. from previous exhibitions.

Description of Space:
The Crucible’s Cathedral Gallery is located in the ground floor of the Historical Cathedral Building located at the triangle between Telegraph Ave and Broadway in Downtown Oakland. Unique features of the space include exposed structural I-beams, very high ceilings, two entrance doors, and adjustable spot-lighting. Artwork is visible through windows on both sides of the gallery from the sidewalk and street 24/7. There is very little wall space for displaying 2D work, and limited electrical sockets for work requiring electricity. Proposals that consider and/or engages the space in a site-specific manner are encouraged. You should be familiar with the gallery and experience it in person before submitting a proposal.

Gallery Floor Plan for Download (pdf)

What The Gallery Provides:
• Gallery sitters during regular hours (M-F, 11am – 2pm), and volunteers for opening night.
• Installation tools and supplies: ladder, pedestals, paint / spackle, screwdrivers / drills, cleaning supplies, etc.
• Design and printing of show fliers, as well as show promotion to our mailing list.

Artist and Curator Responsibilities:
• Curation, layout, and installation and de-installation of the show. This includes painting pedestals, adjusting lighting, cleaning gallery for opening night, and de-installation and cleaning after the show closes. Artists will provide any specialized hanging materials. Gallery access for de/installation must be coordinated with Gallery staff, and the gallery must be returned to its pristine, pre-show state after the exhibit.
• Show promotion to your mailing list, online, and distributing fliers.
• Food, drinks, and other supplies for the opening night reception.

Important Dates:
June 18 Submission Deadline
June 22 Notification of Acceptance
July 5,6,7,8 Install Dates
July 9 Exhibit Opening
July 30 Exhibit Closing

Send Proposals and Inquiries to:
MAIL – The Crucible
Attn: Daniel Stauber
1260 7th Street
Oakland, CA 94607