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How Embroidered Logo Hats Turned A Creative Outlet Into Support

By Cathy Niland | 11.25.2020

Crucible member and volunteer Robert Graf is a self-identified problem solver. He has taken classes in fourteen of our nineteen departments since 2014, including Blacksmithing, Glass Flameworking, Machine Shop, and his personal favorite, Neon & Light. For Robert, every failed project is an opportunity to improve his skills.

“The most important thing for me in my practice is not necessarily the product or the thing that I create, it’s really about the experience of going through it and what I’m going to learn.”

Not only is Robert a committed maker, he is also a dedicated Crucible volunteer, having helped out during our in-person events and as a Neon Lab monitor. “As I took more and more classes and got more involved I became a volunteer,” Robert shared with us. “I wanted to give back after everything I’ve gotten from The Crucible.”

Adapting creativity during the pandemic

When we closed our studio doors at the start of the pandemic, Robert had to pause his making and volunteering. But in true Robert fashion, he had an idea about how to solve that problem, too. He had recently invested in a digital embroidery machine and wanted to practice his new skills and show his support for The Crucible.

I really enjoyed the embroidery process. In my normal day job, I’m working with images as well, so I like the aspect of being able to create two-dimensional art, but on three-dimensional surfaces. That opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

With the help of some new equipment, Robert started embroidering The Crucible logo onto baseball hats to help raise funds to support The Crucible’s relief work  and industrial arts programming. But it was also an opportunity for him to keep growing his skills.

Robert spent months perfecting the design, trying out various logo sizes, working on different types of caps, adjusting stitching and thread colors. “There was a lot of testing and tweaking that went into making these hats to represent The Crucible as best as possible.” But no matter how many iterations he went through, Robert never gave up because that just isn’t in his nature. And after months of trial and error, Robert delivered his beautiful embroidered hats. “These hats were a lot of fun to create,” he said. “And they’re very special.”

Get your very own Crucible embroidered logo hat

Now you can buy one of Robert’s small-batch Crucible logo hats, available in three styles—gray, black, and yellow. Each logo is embroidered directly onto the hat for a clean, crisp finish, and comes Robert Graf approved! Plus, 100% of the proceeds go toward Crucible programming so more individuals can fall in love with the industrial arts the way Robert has.

When we asked what inspired this project, Robert said, “The Crucible is really an amazing place where people can come together and work on projects with their hands—it’s a hub for the arts here in the Bay Area and the community is fantastic and really supportive. That’s why it’s special.”

We are endlessly grateful to Robert for donating his time in support of The Crucible. Show your Crucible pride and start rocking a logo hat today!

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