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Glass Casting & Coldworking

Classes taught at The Crucible

Cold glass can be carved, cut, and drilled to create gorgeous pieces with unique surface textures and shapes. Kiln cast glass allows you to turn wax sculptures into solid glass art pieces or put a relief into a solid piece of glass.

Adult Classes

Exploration in Sand Casting

In this introductory class, you will learn the basics of creating sand molds for casting hot glass into solid glass sculptures. Students explore various ways to work with ladle-cast glass, including using graphite blocks to create molds and using glass and copper components to make unique, experimental shapes and patterns. The class concludes with a basic introduction to coldworking techniques, where each student completes and embellishes their glass sculpture.


Hot Glass Sand Casting with Flameworked Components

An introduction to the exciting process of hot glass sand casting, to create solid glass sculptures. The casting process involves the creation of temporary molds, made by pressing objects into sand, and pouring a ladle of molten glass from the furnace into the mold. Students also spend time in the flame shop, creating small torch-worked glass components that can be added to the castings to create colorful and delicate details. Some experience working with flameworking or glass blowing is recommended. Students will receive information about what to bring. PREREQUISITE: Glass Beads I


Kiln Casting Glass Sculpture I

Create glass sculpture using the ancient technique of lost wax. Students will create silicon molds from found objects augmented with wax sculpting techniques to create wax positives. The positives will be invested in a refractory material and de-waxed, creating a void in the refractory, which will be filled with glass in the kiln. Students will learn contemporary mold making skills, wax manipulation, refractory and glass sciences, and kiln programming including glass casting and annealing firing schedules.


One-Day Coldworking Workshop

This introduction to our glass cold shop is designed to prepare you for the cold shop CREATE Program assessment. We will demonstrate safety, proper tooling techniques, and machine maintenance. Using glass blanks, we will also delve into the tools and techniques of sawing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, grinding, polishing, and gluing glass.


Youth Classes

Youth Cast Glass Sculpture

Use clay and wax to create a positive form, such as a starfish, then transform it into a glass sculpture. Students learn how to sculpt wax or clay and create molds using plaster and silica. Glass will be melted into the molds in a kiln firing, resulting in a clear or colored glass object. This class will also explore surface imagery on glass through a quick sandblasted drinking glass project.