Metal vs. Wood


The Crucible’s Cathedral Gallery presents

January 21 – March 5, 2010
Opening Reception – January 21st 6-9PM


The Crucible’s art gallery in Oakland’s historic Cathedral Building, at the triangle between Broadway and Telegraph Avenues, announces its first exhibition of the new year. “Metal vs. Wood/ Wood vs. Metal” is a group exhibition “showdown” featuring new works of art of metal and/or wood.

Both media are rooted in tradition and history, and have been utilized for their material qualities for millennia, yet contemporary artists tend to gravitate towards working with one or the other. Encompassing a diversity of techniques, such as joinery, carving, turning, welding, forging, pouring, and machining, Metal vs. Wood showcases work that pushes the boundaries of what these materials have to offer.



Oakland’s Historic Cathedral Building
1603 Broadway @ Telegraph
Oakland, CA
Gallery Hours:
Monday – Friday 11AM – 2PM
First Fridays 6-9PM
Artists Included:
James Austin • Clifford Bohm • Don Braden • Charles Cantero • Ilana Caplan • Ben Carpenter • Patricia Chavez • Elise Cirelli • Edward Clapp • Luke Damiani • Laura de Anna • Denise DeRose • Sabrina Fadial • Tory Fink • Jonathan Grover • Colin Harris • Shawn HibmaCronan • Jason Hicky • Celeste Howell • Damon Hyldreth • Liz Judkins • Suzanne Kehr • Peter Kropf • Lorenzo La Bianca • Ara Yun Meng • Chris Neimer • Marcus Papay • Charles Quibell • Benjamin Silva • Partick Stafford • Carol Swift • Jason Takeuchi-Krist • James Watts • Matt Wolpe
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photos by Becca Jay
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The Crucible’s Cathedral Gallery presents

November 6 – December 31, 2009

We will be open for First Friday 1/1/10!

Artists Include:

Alex Nielsen • Billy Hiebert • Bobby Jean • Bruk Dunbar • Christopher Flores • Courtney Johnson
Ilana CrispiJanet Hiebert • Jenean Smith • Kathleen Watson Laura van Duren • Mari Chovan-Upton
Richard Friedman • Sabrina Fadial • Sharon Nelson • Susan Boggiano • Susannah Israel
Tachina Rudman-YoungTara Murray • William Rose III • and more..


Gallery Hours:
1st Friday’s 6-9PM
3rd Thursday’s 6-9PM

Every Tuesday and Thursday 11AM-2PM

1615 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

More Info:
(510) 444-0919

Right by the 19th Street BART Station.


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photos by Jan Schlesinger, Jennifer Harrity and Suzanne Kehr
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