By Natasha von Kaenel

In order to make a ring from a sheet of silver, you have to learn to solder a butt joint. A butt joint is when two pieces of material are joined by simply placing their ends together without any special shaping. In the video to the right, watch Jewelry Department co-head Rikki Smeltzer demonstrate how to do it properly!

Soldering a butt joint isn’t the only technique you learn in Jewelry and Metals I. In addition to learning the basics of jewelry making, including how to properly saw, file, sand, texture, anneal, stamp, polish, and more, you will learn to solder a butt joint, t-joint, and execute a sweat solder. Students leave the class having fabricated small copper pendants and at least one sterling silver ring. See below for past student projects from Jewelry and Metals I and for upcoming class sessions!

Jewelry & Metals I Projects

Upcoming Jewelry & Metals I

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