Dear Community Members, Friends, Family Members, Passers-By, Colleagues, and Artists Everywhere,

We’re excited to announce that The Crucible has been chosen as one of 200 finalists in the
State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook Challenge! Our “Bikes for West Oakland” initiative is now in the running to receive a $25,000 through a crowd-sourced, voter-based contest on Facebook. YOUR votes determine who wins the grant – which means we need YOUR support to make this happen.

Our bike programs are the heart and soul of our community programs. With Bike Fix-a-Thons, Earn-a-Bike, Art Bike, bike donations, and drop-in repair times, we offer the West Oakland community access to valuable job skills, to goods and services, and healthy, affordable, eco-friendly transportation options. We donate bikes to community members, organizations and toy drives, we use bikes as functional art – and use bike parts to make even more art, and we ride our bikes to work. We love bikes – but more importantly, we love how bikes empower our community, and are hungry to empower many more.

From now until April 22, we’ll educate the community about our bike programs, we’ll 
explore how $25,000 can impact those bike programs, and we’ll share the stories of people whose lives have been changed by bikes. And as we hope to carry you all on this journey, we’ll count on you to take part in this movement by VOTING for our cause and SHARING this initiative with your community.

At The Crucible, we fuel our fire by giving back to our community. Now, we’ve been 
presented with a huge opportunity to do so.

Let’s make it happen.

The Crucible