by Kristin Arzt

Last week, the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants debuted The Bridge – the new official trophy for the annual Bay Bridge Series. Crucible artists Celeste Flores, Chris Niemer, and Don Plumb collaborated with artists from Scientific Art Studio to design and fabricate the trophy out of steel from the original eastern span of the Bay Bridge. Weighing in at twenty-six pounds, The Bridge trophy features a bronze Oakland A’s logo, Giants logo, and a baseball. Inside the trophy is a tribute to the Bay Bridge troll, a small steel troll figure forged in our smithy by Celeste Flores.

See our gallery below for images from the artists’ journey fabricating the trophy- from the original foam prototype to the final steel piece. You will see how the artists salvaged and knocked off rust from original Bay Bridge steel, fabricated the MLB logos, riveted the steel, forged the Bay Bridge troll, and more!

You may see the trophy for yourself at the inaugural Battle of the Bay Art Show, an A’s and Giants-themed art exhibit that is taking place during the Bay Bridge Series. The exhibit will be open July 20-22 at Oakland Coliseum’s Championship Plaza.

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