At The Crucible, we’re never short of inspiration. We have talent: people who create inventive, imaginary, beautiful things on a daily basis – and who help teach us how to find our creative genius along the way. We have community: people who dedicate their time, effort, energy, and whole soul into making The Crucible a special place.

And we have our youths: young folks that come from local schools to learn, discover, grow; youth who come to The Crucible to play with the world around them, to stretch their limits, to grow; people that sometimes come from difficult circumstances and, through their experiences at The Crucible, grow into sophisticated artists and community leaders.

Our youth programs are a core reason The Crucible exists.  Our Fuego summer internship program, our accredited youth internship programs during the school year, our spring and summer camps, our ongoing youth classes – all of these programs are designed to create purpose, meaning, and inspiration for the local youths who walk through our doors.  And as we work with these students every day, our sense of purpose, meaning, and inspiration grows more than we could possibly express.

Over the upcoming months, we plan to feature the youth, educators, faculty, and community members who make these youth programs thrive.  We hope that you, too, draw inspiration from these incredible individuals, and consider becoming a part of the team that makes such programs possible.

Registration for The Crucible’s youth programming is now open.  Learn more about The Crucible’s Spring and Summer Youth Programs, check out class descriptions and sign up your Young Artist today.