Plan A Perfect Weekend For You And Your Friends This October


Making art with friends and family is a guaranteed great time! In our 3-Hour Taster classes running this October 8 and 9, you and your loved ones can try out techniques in eight different departments without committing to a multi-week class. 

Play with clay by making a ceramic mug or a ceramic planter. Or if metal is the material for you, try a Taster in our Foundry or Welding departments. And if you’re curious about the different applications of glass, register for a 3-Hour Taster in enameling, glass fusing, glass coldworking, or glass flameworking.

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Dip your toes in the proverbial waters of industrial arts during a 3-Hour Taster this October 8 and 9. Check out the complete list below, and don’t forget, making art is always more fun with a friend by your side!

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Join us for a 3-Hour Taster This October 8 and 9

Try out one of our departments without making a bigger commitment.

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ARC Welding

After a basic introduction to stick welding, try your hand at creating a welded, geometric paper weight to take home or give as a gift.

3-hour-tasters october

Ceramic Mug

 Make a mug in this fun, project-based class! And learn a variety of hand-building techniques in a single session. Mugs are food-grade safe and great for yourself or as a gift to use to enjoy a favorite beverage.

3-hour-tasters october

Ceramic Planter

Adding some greenery to your decor? Create your own ceramic planter and cement yourself as a true greenthumb! Learn a variety of hand-building and color application techniques in a single session during this fun, project-based class.

3-hour tasters october


After a basic introduction to enamel sifting and kiln-firing, make a stenciled enamel pendant or keychain.

3-hour tasters october


After a basic introduction to creating sand molds, craft your own mold for a small aluminum tile or medallion, then watch our faculty pour molten aluminum into your piece.

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Glass Flameworking

After a basic introduction to melting and shaping borosilicate glass with an oxy-propane torch, create small glass marbles, mushrooms, or hearts.

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Glass Fusing

After a basic introduction to glass and heat interaction, glass cutting, combining colors, firing, and annealing, create a glass mosaic of your own design.

3-hour taster


Cut, fold, and sew a 6″x9″ personal bullet journal, then make it your own by adding texture, color, and shine.

Guide october-december 2022

MIG Welding

After a basic introduction to metal inert gas (MIG) welding, plasma cutting, and fabrication processes, create a small metal sculpture.

3-Hour Tasters October


One of the earliest techniques of glass manipulation, pâte-de-verre or “paste of glass” is a versatile kiln casting technique that uses glass paste. In this three-hour course, you will learn the fundamentals of pâte-de-verre, including color and application techniques, while making a small shallow bowl.

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