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How Can We Support Our AAPI Community Members? 


The Crucible recognizes that recent violence against the AAPI community is not an isolated series of events, but rather an escalation of long-standing anti-Asian sentiments. The Stop AAPI Hate National Report found that over 44% (1,691) of all incidents reported from March 2020 to February 2021 were in California.

This is a heartbreaking reminder that there is an urgent need for increased protection and support for the AAPI community, especially right here in the Bay Area.

The AAPI community has made immense contributions in shaping the history of this country, including significant contributions of AAPI artists to the Bay Area and to The Crucible. It is important that we all stand in support of the AAPI community during this time and work to actively dismantle anti-Asian racist sentiments.

support AAPI
Individuals carry original prints by Lauren YS during organizing action against recent AAPI hate. All proceeds from print sales benefit Stop AAPI Hate and Squidtropica.

We stand in solidarity with AAPI individuals across the country in condemning these acts of hate. It is our responsibility to practice anti-racism and prevent anti-Asian hate wherever we see it. If you know of other resources, please share them with us.

Turn Your Class Into Support For AAPI

This weekend, 10% of all The Crucible’s online sales will be donated to the advocacy organization Stop AAPI Hate.

Here are eight more ways you can support AAPI communities:

Support AAPI
support AAPI
support AAPI

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